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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Golovashenko Nadezhda Vladimirovna
Dissertation idias: Morals and the right as is standard-valuable regulators of behaviour of the person in the conditions of reforming of the Russian society: the sociological analysis ... more in detail 2006
Mihaylova Nadezhda Ivanovna
Dissertation example: the Moscow book seller: specificity of a professional role ... more in detail 2005
Nazarova YUliy Sergeevna
Doctoral dissertation: Motivational sphere of consciousness of cadets of high schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2000
Kuchmieva Svetlana Ivanovna
Dissertation abstracts: Motivators of professional socialisation of students in training in high school ... more in detail 2007
CHapkina Olesy Evgenevna
Dissertation sample: Motivational potential of corporate culture of management ... more in detail 2008
Kostandi Georgiy Georgievich
Dissertation thesis: Motivation to innovative business ... more in detail 1999
Gladina Tatyna Danilovna
Phd dissertation: Motivation to work of workers of the industrial enterprises: On materials of the Nizhniy Novgorod area ... more in detail 2005
Hahalin, Andrey Vladimirovich
Dissertation proposal: Motivation of the personnel of the computer design organisations ... more in detail 2005
Bogdan Nadezhda Nikolaevna
Dissertation topics: Motivation of professional work as a major factor of management of the personnel of the higher school in the conditions of market economy (Regional aspect) ... more in detail 2003
Harhenova Antonida Fedorovna
New dissertation idias: Motivation of office activity of workers of municipal authorities ... more in detail 2005
Rudneva Marina YAkovlevna
Dissertation idias: Motivation of creation and functioning of a young family in modern Russia ... more in detail 2006
Kuznetcova Nataliy Viktorovna
Dissertation example: Motivation of work and the form of its display ... more in detail 1998
Kuznetcova Nataliy Viktorovna
Doctoral dissertation: Motivation of work and the form of its display ... more in detail
Nazarova Regina Rafisovna
Dissertation abstracts: Motivation of labour activity in a modern society: On Republic Tatarstan materials ... more in detail 2000
Roketckiy Andrey Leonidovich
Dissertation sample: Motivation of labour activity of hired workers of the enterprises of various patterns of ownership ... more in detail
Olenev Roman Georgievich
Dissertation thesis: Swindle as a kind deviantnogo economic behaviour ... more in detail 2000
Akulich Evgeniy Mihaylovich
Phd dissertation: the Museum as social institute ... more in detail 2004
Prokudina Dary Aleksandrovna
Dissertation proposal: the Museum as the factor of translation of values of modern Russian youth ... more in detail 2008
TCiganova Ekaterina Valerevna
Dissertation topics: Museum and excursion spheres as a cultural resource of a small city: Methodology of the sociological analysis ... more in detail 2002
CHepurova Kseniy Iosifovna
New dissertation idias: Music in structure of social space ... more in detail
Borisova Elena Borisovna
Dissertation idias: Music as the factor of formation of youth subcultures: the sociological analysis ... more in detail
Davletshina Dily Mustafovna
Dissertation example: Musical culture as the factor of formation of cultural wealth of student's youth in modern conditions ... more in detail 1998
Minnegulov Rais Motigullovich
Doctoral dissertation: Musical education in system of development of spiritual potential of studying youth: Condition, tendencies, recommendations ... more in detail
Kulikov Evgeniy Mihaylovich
Dissertation abstracts: Musical preferences as the differentiating and integrating factor of the Russian youth subculture ... more in detail 2004
Kuropytnik Aleksandr Ivanovich
Dissertation sample: Multikulturalizm: Ideology and a policy of social stability of polyethnic societies ... more in detail 2000
Mamaeva Liliy Valerevna
Dissertation thesis: Municipal service as social institute ... more in detail 2004
Pribitkova Lidiy Vasilevna
Phd dissertation: Municipal service as administrative activity ... more in detail 2002
Popova Valeriy Viktorovna
Dissertation proposal: Municipal society as the subject of local government ... more in detail 2008
Koroleva Elvira Vladimirovna
Dissertation topics: Moslems in is social-stratification structure of the Russian society ... more in detail 2005
Vatolina YUliy Vladimirovna
New dissertation idias: Supervision and the description of the welfare phenomena in V.Benjamin's works ... more in detail 2003

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