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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Soloveva Anastasiy Valerievna
Dissertation idias: Change limfomikrotcirkuljatcii and photoreactivities of lymphatic micropots at stress: Role No-ergicheskih of mechanisms ... more in detail 2002
Aksenova Oksana Nikolaevna
Dissertation example: Change lipidnogo structure peritonealnyh macrophages and their kernels at apoptoze and a necrosis ... more in detail 2004
Soloveva Svetlana YAkovlevna
Doctoral dissertation: Change of lipids of blood at merinosovyh sheep in a postnatal ontogenesis ... more in detail
Grigoreva YUliy Vladimirovna
Dissertation abstracts: metabolism Change molodi Far East salmons at inhabitancy change ... more in detail
Haykova Margarita Ivanovna
Dissertation sample: Change of mechanical properties of skeletal muscles of the person at development of a strain by them ... more in detail
Volkova T.V.
Dissertation thesis: Change of the morphological status of men of the central ranges of RSFSR in current century ... more in detail
Talipova Ekaterina Vasilevna
Phd dissertation: Change morfofiziologicheskih parametres of medicinal plants at action of motor transportation contamination ... more in detail 2006
Kosheleva YUliy Pavlovna
Dissertation proposal: Change of some chemical properties opada during its decomposing: in the conditions of the Southern taiga ... more in detail 2007
Vinogradova Tatyna Mihaylovna
Dissertation topics: Change of the organisation of a cytoatomy ehndotelialnyh cages at an induction ehkzotcitoza little bodies Vejbelja-Palada ... more in detail 2004
Kabanov Dmitriy Sergeevich
New dissertation idias: Change of superficial characteristics of a membrane of erythrocytes at embedding lipopolisaharidov gramotritcatelnyh bacteria ... more in detail
Pavlova Olga YUrevna
Dissertation idias: Change of indicators of soil fertility and gumusnoe a state cultivated dernovo-podsolic gleevatoj sandy bedrock at weakening and the termination of awake anthropogenic influence ... more in detail 2004
Dimov Aleksey Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Change of bedrocks in the course of natural reafforestation ... more in detail 2007
Dimov Aleksey Aleksandrovich
Doctoral dissertation: Change of bedrocks in the course of natural reafforestation: On an example of podzols of the average taiga generated on dimeric deposits ... more in detail 2007
Aybazova Fatima Unuhovna
Dissertation abstracts: production and frame Change pestroovsjanitcevyh the Alpine pratums under the influence of entering of soil resources ... more in detail
Aybazova Fatima Unuhovna
Dissertation sample: Change of production and frame pestroovsjanitcevyh of the Alpine pratums under the influence of entering of soil resources ... more in detail
Balalaeva Irina Vladimirovna
Dissertation thesis: Change prooksidantno-antioksidantnogo the status of chloroplusts of peas at action stressirujushchih factors of medium ... more in detail
Balalaeva Irina Vladimirovna
Phd dissertation: Change prooksidantno-antioksidantnogo the status of chloroplusts of peas at action stressirujushchih factors of medium ... more in detail 2004
Hvostova Svetlana Anatolevna
Dissertation proposal: Change of psychophysiological functions at persons with ahondroplaziej during a course of lengthening of finitenesses on And. Ilizarovu ... more in detail 2005
Astahova Tatyna Mihaylovna
Dissertation topics: Change of a pool proteasom in postnatal development and in zlokachestvenno transformed cages of gnawers ... more in detail 2007
Ektova Svetlana Nikolaevna
New dissertation idias: Change of a diversity and fitotcenoticheskoj roles of lichens in mountain tundra of Polar Urals Mountains under influence vypasa reindeers ... more in detail 2004
Gavrilova Svetlana Anatolevna
Dissertation idias: Change of reactance of cardiovascular system at rats with experimentally lowered level endotelina-1 in blood ... more in detail 2001
Fomina Anna Sergeevna
Dissertation example: Change of properties of dernovo-podsolic sandy bedrocks at the termination of anthropogenic influence ... more in detail 2005
YAkimenko Mariy Vladimirovna
Doctoral dissertation: Change of properties of nodule bacteriums of a soya of sorts Bradyrhizobium and Sinorhizobium the Amur selection under the influence of ecological factors ... more in detail 2006
Romanova Lidiy YUrevna
Dissertation abstracts: Change of properties of population of a virus kleshchevogo ehntcefalita at change of the master ... more in detail
Berestetckay YUliy Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: Change of properties of ribosomes at retcessivnoj sepressii at yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae ... more in detail
Esakova Olga Aleksandrovna
Dissertation thesis: Change of properties transketolazy as a result of its interaction with cofactors and substrata ... more in detail
Skovpen Andrey Nikolaevich
Phd dissertation: Change of properties of chernozem ordinary Bagaevsko-Sadkovsky and Veselovsky irrigating systems of the Rostov range ... more in detail 2007
Smolina Nataly Viktorovna
Dissertation proposal: Change of the connecting centres albumina at mental distresses and at stress: detecting by a fluorescent method with use of nanosecond spectroscopy ... more in detail 2008
Turigina Svetlana Anatolevna
Dissertation topics: maintenance Change fosfoinozitidov in blood and a liver fabric at a sharp venenating with four-chloride Carboneum ... more in detail 2004
Kondakova Lyubov Vldadimirovna
New dissertation idias: Change of assemblages of soil algas at land improvement of dernovo-podsolic bedrocks ... more in detail

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