Kononenko, Anatoly Anatolevich. Historiography of the creation and activities of the Socialist Revolutionary Party in the years 1901-1922. / Thesis / Tyumen - 2005. 2005

Purpose of the dissertation is the complex analysis of the literature and process of accumulation of knowledge in a historical science on a problem of history of creation and activity of Party of socialists - of revolutionaries

chapter 1. Theoretical, historiographic and source study aspects of studying of a problem
Chapter 2.
CHAPTER 3. History illumination eserovskogo movements in publications 1917 — the middle of 1950th
CHAPTER 4. Neopopulism research in the Soviet historical science of the middle 1950 - the end of 1980th years
chapter 5. Formation and realisation of new approaches to history PSR in a modern domestic historiography
CHAPTER 6. Studying of history of Party of socialists - revolutionaries the Russian emigrants and foreign researchers

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