the Role of akushersko-gynecologic diseases in occurrence of barrenness at animals

The begun new century is competently predicted as a century of computer science and biotechnology. Both these of the factor have the direct attitude to branch svinovodstva. In economically educed countries it awakely passes to intensive high technology effecting, constantly typing rates of growth of efficacyy (Betljaev R.

O, 2000; Kononov V. P, 2002).

Svinovodstvo - one of the most precocious branches of animal industries. From other agricultural animals of a pig differ mnogoplodiem (oporos from a sow it is possible to receive for one about 12 pigs), the early introduction into sexual maturity (in 6-7 months). Duration suporosnosti on the average fluctuates from 107 till 125 days, at two oporosah in a year one sow can give to 24 pigs (Fontier S, 1970; Klimontov M. I with soavt., 1979; Pohodnja G. S, 1990).

The organisation of reproduction of herd includes rational use of male pigs and matochnogo a livestock, their preparation for insemination, correct planning and carrying out of copulations and oporosov, high-grade feeding and the maintenance of uteruses in the season suporosnosti and lactations, cultivation of young growth and maintenance of its safety. Thus the great value has a heavy use matochnogo herds (Makarkina A.P. and dr., 1988; Kozinets G. I, 1997).

Svinovodstvom are engaged in all regions of Russia, however the greatest development the branch has received in zernosejushchih and kartofelevodcheskih areas — Central—10 %, Central Black Earth 11,5 %, Volga region І 4,3 %, Volgo-vjatskom 7,2 %, the North Caucasian 18,3 %, Uralsk of 13 %, the Western-Siberian 13,6 % and the East-Siberian 6,8 %. For years of reforms indicators on reproduction of herd and safety of a livestock have decreased. The exit of pigs in 2003 in comparison with 1999 was reduced to 100 sows in 1,4 times, and the cattle case has increased in 2,2 times (Kukushkin S.A., etc., 2003).

Indicators of reproduction of herd to 2000г. In Russia were rather enriched basically at the expense of the best use of the basic matochnogo herds, in 2003г. The issue of pigs has increased in comparison with 2000г. On 23,6 thousand goal (Gusev A.A., 1999; Makarets A. I, 2002).

Exit of pigs counting on 100 sows in 2003г. On the agricultural enterprises has exceeded level 2000г. On 6,2 %, however it was more low, than in 1999 on 17,5 %. Safety of a livestock in 2003г. In comparison with 1999г. It was enriched. A case of pigs in 1990г. Has compounded 11,7 % to a herd turn (1999г. - 11,9 %), at the same time in 2003 the case of pigs compounded only 6,9 % (Siraziev R. Z, 1999).

In the best economy of Russia receive on one basic sow 2,0-2,2 oporosa and 20-25 pigs (Simonjan G. A, etc., 1995).

One of the major reserves of increase of profitability svinovodstva and considerable growth of effecting of pork on industrial complexes is the heavy use matochnogo herds, number augmentation oporosov (not less than two) and an issue (18-20 pigs on a uterus in a year) (Pope W. F., 1985; Lister D., 1987; Belousov J.B., etc., 1997).

While translating svinovodstva on an industrial basis improvement of system of reproduction of herd and increase of an exit of pigs (is necessary for Narizhnyj A.G. and dr., 1999).

In animal industry the great value is given to begetting power of animals (Lille R, 1969; Smiths A.I., 1985; Spiridonov B.S., etc., 1989).

Duration of unproductive use of uteruses on technology for modern complexes compounds 21-22 days. Including, on revealing of hunting and the first insemination of the basic uteruses 7 days, repair svinok - are provided 13 days. At breeding effeciency of 75-80 % and revealing suporosnosti the unproductive season increases for 1,5-2 weeks and reaches 30-35 days (Gilmana Z.D. and dr., 1990; Lebedev N.V., 2000).

The best an indicator on herd reproduction can be received only at timely carrying out diagnostic, preventive and lechebnoj'roboty in a puerperal period (Andrejchuk P. E, 1991; Menshikov V.V., 1997; 2000).

Infringements of function of reproduction (a reproductive syndrome, a pathology of a reproductive organs) as or accompanying simptomokompleks mark the basic at many illnesses of pigs of a various aetiology (Kvasnitskij A.V., 1989; Kukushkin S.A., etc., 2003).

The most actual problems of a veterinary science at begetting power increase, are actions for preventive maintenance and liquidation of barrenness of females of agricultural animals (Styrie J., 1991; Reinecke R, 1998; Nezhdanov A.G., 1994; Simonjan G. A with soavt., 1995).

Barrenness eurysynusic among animals also causes the considerable damage of branch exceeding in some cases from all infectious and noncontagious illnesses (Helkevich N.M. with soavt., 1998; Preobrazhenskiy Island N, 2001).

Illnesses of reproductive members carry to number of the main causes of barrenness. These illnesses show in the form of inflammatory processes and functional distresses. Inflammatory processes in most cases result from introduction in a fabric of generative organs of pathogenic bacteriums and mushrooms.

The basic noncontagious illnesses of a reproductive organs and mammary gland at pigs are: a syndrome a metrit-mastitis-agalaktija (MMA), sharp and chronic it is purulent-kataralnyj endometrit, ovariit, kista ovaries, a mastitis, gipogalaktija or agalaktija, primary delicacy of sorts, detention posleda. All these diseases are accompanied mertvorozhdaemostju both destruction of pigs during the first hours and days of their life that puts svinovodstvu the countries the big economic damage (Balkova I, etc., 2000).

Sows have a syndrome a metrit-mastitis - agalaktija (MMA) more often. This sharp postnatal disease arising for the first time of two days after oporosa and showing inflammation of a uterus, a mammary gland, and also decrease or the termination of secretion of milk (Sidilnikov I.N., 2002).

In svinovodstve the mammary gland inflammation in most cases proceeds in the latent (subclinical) form, is thus amazed to 45 60 %, and on occasion to 70-80 % of functioning lobes of a mammary gland of sows (Booth S.W., 1979; Goralskij L.P., 2000; Kukushkin S.A., 2003).

The clinical mastitis is registered at 12-20 % of sows (Sumin S.A.,


As a result of infringement of a lactation pigs not dopoluchajut necessary quantity of milk, therefore lag behind in growth, are ill with a diarrhoeia and the withdrawal of pigs at sows with syndrome MMA compounds 80 %* and more. At such sows primary delicacy of sorts, weak birth pangs and attempts that leads long oporosu (more than perishes at 5 o'clock in a considerable quantity. Sometimes), as a rule, is observed. Besides, at such uteruses detention posleda and postnatal endometrit (Prokolsts V. M, 1981 is more often registered; Sperser G.S., 1995; Smiths N, 2000).

On svinokompleksah postnatal endometrity - the most widespread illnesses to which occurrence promote infitsirovanie and travmirovanie a mucous uterus at sorts with complications, detention posleda, subinvaljutsii, entering in patrimonial pathes of a microflora the polluted arms and tools at obstetric aid, abortions, presence in a uterus matserirovannyh fruits (Makarkina A.P. with soavt., 1988; Studenikina L.G., 1988; Urban V. P, 2000).

One of the causes of small number of a dung of pigs are pre-natal losses and mertvorozhdennost in which basis lay genetical, functional, alimentary, mechanical, infectious and invazionnye factors (Siraziev R. Z, 1990).

For the term of fructification feeding, a maintenance condition, reduction of light day, breed, and also delicacy of patrimonial activity influence. The last is the precondition to occurrence of the latent diseases and postnatal complications (Misajlov V. D. 1988; Kosarev V. N, 1988).

On. To various data level hidden proholosta in pig-breeding economy of Russia compounds from 7 to 15 % and above (Klinskij J.D., 1990; Jurkov V. M, 1990; Andrejchuk P. E, 1991; Belov A.D., 1995.)

Rasprostraneniv inflammatory process from a vagina and a uterus neck on endometry or as a result of drift of microbes limfo - and hematogenous pathes, in particular from a mammary gland at ss an inflammation (Bogdanov G. B, 1980; Chapman D. L., Macrogt J. S., 1999).

It is known, that for decrease in postnatal diseases at pigs raise a tone and enhance muscular activity of a uterus, or warn development of an is conditional-pathogenic microflora in a uterus and a mammary gland. However separate use of thus conforming receptions will not always give desirable effect (Zimmermar D.R., 1960; the Barge haulier of M, etc., 1999).

At pigs unlike other animals, it is considered, that renewal of cyclic activity of ovaries, is in the big dependence on a lactation. On all extent podsosnogo the season ovaries remain with the majority of them in an inactive state (Kalashnik B.A., 1990; Blom A.K., 2000).

The interrelation between blood-groove level in reproductive members and efficiency of sows is established. At studying a functional state of a microcircular channel in some departments of a sexual path of sows, have established, that the functional state of a microcircular channel depends on conditions of the maintenance of animals and sexual cycle stages. Higher indicators of a blood-groove were at svinok, were in conditions gipodinamii. The Correlation coefficient between level of a blood-groove and investigated members and fruitfulness of sows has compounded 0,78 (Klimentov M. I, etc., 1983).

Quality and quantity of received brooding, embrionalnaja death rate in many respects depend on uterus blood supply (V., 1984).

The big percent of destruction of pigs proceeds in the first days after sorts. Mertvorozhdaemost varies enough over a wide range from 10 % to 50 % and this indicator grows every year. Promoting factors - krovopotsrja, warm insufficiency, toxicoses, metabolic infringements, endokrinnyj disbalans (Chumachenko V. E and dr., 1990; Shenderov Century A, 1990).

Studying value of each of them is important for augmentation mnogoplodija uteruses. Results of some the researches specifying value of separate factors by means of clinical supervision and carrying out laporotomii for definition of quantity of ootids, and also captures during 4 ch since 15-minute by intervals of assays of blood with level definition estradiola, progesterone, ljutenizirujushchego a hormone, prstaglandina (are stated Nezhdanov L.G., 1998; Chemauck S.D., 2000.).

Feeding of pigs of different age and physiological state (single and it is conditional-suporosnyh) should be spent on norms of feeding (Szumlakowski R., 1985; Shkunkova J.S., etc.; 1988).

For a birth of a healthy issue it is necessary to give special attention on deficiency of separate nutrients in a ration and in an organism of a sow (Zudov A.A. with soavt., 1999).

At a lack of nutrients at sows protection of an organism against action stress of factors decreases, as a result decreases morfofunktsionalnaja activity of closed glands, the rhythm of sexual cycles and ovulation process (Shkunova J.S., etc., 1998) is as consequence broken.

Mineral materials are necessary for sows for normal functioning of reproductive members, they take part in sinapticheskoj transfer of nervous impulses, synthesis of vitamins, hormones, act in a role of accelerators of fermental systems. Deficiency of any of components makes essential impact on reproductive function (Carps of Century A, 1990).

For decrease in losses of an issue spend the complex of actions including: the timely and qualified help at difficult pathological sorts, timely and correct preparation of animals for sorts (Lille R, 1969).

In the conditions of industrial complexes animals are exposed to intensive operation, contain in the conditions of inadequate to the physiological requirements. As a result the adaptable system of animals constantly tests the big functional load which affects activity of all organism (Abylov CH, 2001; Twins A, 2002).

One of conditions of fast restoration of reproductive function of females after sorts - their protection against influence of stresses-factors (Geldermann N, 1987; Belousova V. I with soavt., 1999).


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