comprehension and understanding the person of the created position (kognitivnyj an element)

Correct understanding of existing problems, their reasons and ways to elimination, comprehension of imperfection of the present condition of existence, the analysis of signs of problems show, that in each case our desires contradict existence laws but as not in our power to change these laws it is necessary to change our desires.

Development of the person is carried out only in the course of its realised activity as in other cases process of the realised decision-making is absent.
"Activity" here is understood as any process leading to change of the internal or external worlds of the person, i.e. process with fixed result of its course. Life definition on I.R.Prigozhin allows to assert, that the person constantly stays in an activity condition, as his life essence - never interrupting purposeful exchanges of substance, energy and the information.

Knowledge of the significant parties of a vital situation (information element). Decision-making - a basis of development of the person owing to that it always problemno. The essence of a problem of decision-making is covered in always existing lack of the information necessary for decision-making, and also it is a lot of motives and disorder of their relations.

The information lack is caused by presence in system "consciousness" of the filter of realised perception which passes its only insignificant part arriving in system "person" on level of a reflexion and the realised judgement. As a rule, the part of the information arriving through touch systems, is directed on perception of an external world. The information from internal touch systems (about management of the oporno-impellent device, digestion, etc.) is comprehended extremely seldom, for example, when comes in the form of a pain. The information from ekstrasensornyh systems also is fixed infrequently at the realised level and the result of its any processing made at levels not realised is usually qualified as intuitive inspiration when on the realised level there is not a primary information, and.

The filter of realised perception plays a role of the protective mechanism, submitting on levels realised only that volume of the information which is capable to process and pass through itself a brain of the concrete person which are carrying out in system "person" of function of a link between consciousness and the corporal form of the person. Most visually these functions are simulated in the computer where the graphic adapter plays a role of such interface. The the big speed and bolshej operative memory the graphic adapter possesses, the bolshee the quantity of the information can be deduced from operational system (consciousness of the computer) on the external device - the monitor.

The information lack leads to struggle of hypotheses in consciousness of the person, and surplus of the motives chaotically co-operating with each other - leads to corresponding struggle of motives in the course of acceptance by the person of decisions. From here two basic directions of development directly follow: complex perfection of all systems of the person, directed on expansion of the filter of realised perception, and moral, ethical perfection of the person in which result the ordered, hierarchically built system of motives is formed, in an ideal excluding their struggle in decision-making process.
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A source: Velichko S.V.. Adaptable potential of military men in psychological preparation for civil life. avto

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