1. Prospects of perfection of conceptual bases soderzhayonija gymnasia formation are now convincingly enough defined by operating State educational standards of the core of the general and average general education.

Among the problems connected with realisation of the State educational standards of the core of the general and average general education and in connection with updating pedagogical kollekyotiva, to the most significant the realisation problem all teachers kompetentnostnogo the approach to the maintenance obrazovatelno-educational deyojatelnosti is represented to a grammar school. Kompetentnostnyj the approach assumes orientation obyorazovanija on achievement enough high level of subject knowledge, experience, awareness for activity and dialogue realisation in razlichyonyh areas and spheres. Distinguish information, social, kommunikayotivnuju, pedagogical and other kinds kompetentsy. It can form base for educational process, overcoming unilateral - subject oriyoentatsii formations »[184, s.61-62]. From a position modern istorikoyopedagogicheskogo and substantially sociopolitical experience of development of the country it is obviously possible to assume, that in force polivayoriativnosti developments of the domestic average general education of the beginning of the XXI-st century modern domestic grammar schools could and not remain as skolYoko-nibud the wide and mass educational phenomenon. The majority sovreyomennyh domestic grammar schools owing to welfare and obrazoyovatelnoj roles did not declare as the main task work with odarenyonymi children, and were guided by work with capable enough children, but more often not finding out appreciable signs of endowments.

2. In this connection before a state policy in area gimnayozicheskogo formations in the XXI-st century beginning potentially opened three possible ways of development.

The first way consisted in refusing working out kacheyostvenno new concept of development of a modern Russian grammar school and predyostavit it possibility to develop without the strategy defining inquiries of a postindustrial society. In pre-revolutionary conditions such refusal of working out of the new concept of development of system of the gymnasia formation corresponding to inquiries of an industrial society, would entail behind itself washing out, and then and destruction of system of gymnasia formation. It is represented to us, that refusal of working out of modern strategy of development rosyosijskogo gymnasia formation bore in itself considerable threat for its future.

The second way assumed increase of level of insistence to reyozultativnosti and to quality of modern gymnasia formation, sisteyomaticheskuju an estimation of quality of results of educational preparation gimnaziyostov under condition of active use zdorovesberegajushchih technologies of training, professional work of teachers. This way in the conditions of psihologo-pedagogical diagnosing, really, could be a condition of development of modern gymnasia formation. However at otyosutstvii pedagogical scientific kontseptualnosti and development strategy rosyosijskih grammar schools it inevitably would entail behind itself and increase negativyonyh tendencies. It is characteristic, that some of them really took place in development of the state education system in the XXI-st century beginning. To them chisyolu, in particular, it is possible to carry the following:

• threat of display of a superfluous formalism gymnasia obrayozovanija, focused on external productivity at absence podyolinnoj spirituality in educational activity;

• decrease in individual creativity of the teacher and display of its personal and professional individuality;

• easing of a role of grammar schools in formation modern rossijyoskoj intelligency, that under some conditions can lead formiroyovaniju to the person erudite and even creatively conceiving, but deprived at

It ability to play an in the lead role in its further development obshcheyostvennyh relations, spiritual culture and successful realisation nauchnoyotehnicheskogo break in which so modern Russia is in great need.

The third variant of development of a state policy with reference to modern Russian grammar schools is represented to the most difficult and odyonovremenno perspective from the point of view of interests of development of a society and realisation of educational inquiries of a considerable part of youth. It should be based on complex krosskulturnom the analysis pozitivyonyh and negative sides of istoriko-pedagogical experience of the government grammar schools XIX - the beginnings of the XX-th century and modern inquiries to razviyotiju XXI-st century grammar schools.

Realisation of the given approach has certain complexities, obuslovyolennye the reasons connected with global problems of development gimnaziyocheskogo of formation in modern society and features of development sisteyomy of formation in Russia. The modern grammar school irrespective of the selected variant of its development will constantly face variety of difficulties:

• with necessity of adherence to the best spiritual traditsiyojam, originating in the historical past of the Russian gymnasia formation;

• cultivation of freedom of spiritually-world outlook definition of the person as future creator of new spiritual culture of Russia generated by inquiries and tendencies of development of modern society.

3. To number of contradictions of development of the gymnasia formation, caused by modern world experience, it is necessary to carry sledujuyoshchie:

• evidence of necessity of radical updatings in an education system, at least, in in the lead on social and ekonoyomicheskomu to development the countries of the world and absence of representations about what should be the modern gymnasia formation corresponding zaproyosam of the further postindustrial development of society of Russia;

• absence of understanding of a role and a place of modern grammar schools, aktivyono keeping traditions of self-value, deep fundamental obrazoyovanija, in a context polivariativnogo developments of society and superfluous pragma - tizatsii educational activity in a number of the in the lead countries of the modern world.

4. Special discrepancy of development modern gimnazicheyoskogo formations consists in a combination of such ambivalent lines soyovremennogo society, as simultaneous existence of heightened interest to development of cultural-educational mission of the modern humanities and real-life forecasts of decrease in their role in modern obyoshchestve, possessing obviously expressed texnocratic orientation. From the point of view of definition of prospects of development of grammar schools of the XXI-st century data tenyodentsii represent the significant interest caused by the following:

• these positions testify to certain tearing away sotsiyoalnogo the optimism peculiar to ideals of an epoch of Education to which also the considerable part modern gymnasia moyolodezhi inevitably is exposed, applying in the near future on organic occurrence in soyostav the Russian intelligency;

• the objective sense of existence intelyoligentsii which considerable part, as a rule, already in gymnasia and university years considered a spiritual life in sphere of humanitarian ideas as one of the higher personal senses of the life is called into question.

It is represented quite obvious, that threat of easing of a role gumaniyotarnyh sciences in a life of modern society is capable to strike essential blow to the present and the future of modern Russian gymnasia formation. It is caused by a number of factors:

• impossibility of formation of the person of the future intellectual formed within the precincts of a grammar school without achievement by it of high level gumaniyotarnoj of culture: «the formed teacher tsennostno perceives pedagogicheyoskuju environment and provides its valuable perception with the pupil [123, с.144].

• natural interest to problems scientifically - the world outlook character, cultivated in a modern grammar school on the basis of the reference to the general scientific potential humanitarian, natural-science and matematiyocheskih knowledge.

5. In this connection following inquiries to definition buyodushchego maintenances of gymnasia formation are put forward:

• it is necessary to analyse and comprehend, what knowledge will be liyodirujushchimi in the XXI-st century;

• the XXI-st century grammar school should become educational space where politicians in advancing rezhiyome should be formed different znanievye;

• the graduate of a grammar school of the XXI-st century should possess reflective tiyopom entsiklopedizma as in the conditions of constant reforms and crises ljuboyomu it is necessary for modern person to have some trades and to be able to be reconstructed and seize quickly new abilities;

• the XXI-st century grammar school should become that developing scientific obshcheyoobrazovatelnym space where new types nauchnoyosti will be grown up: in grammar schools scientific organisations of grammar-school boys, and also soyozdavatsja the intergymnasia research centres for reception pervoyogo experience of uchebno-research activity by grammar-school boys not only under the guidance of teachers-predmetnikov, but also representatives of a high school science should work;

• it is necessary to form in grammar schools collective of teachers which can successfully combine educational activity with nauchnoyoissledovatelskoj, actual for development of modern grammar schools;

• it is necessary for gymnasia formation of the XXI-st century to connect the best samples of arts education to the training focused on new types of educational forms - training of grammar-school boys of design activity, to research, programming, designing, designing and
Should define dejatelnostnuju specificity in a grammar school of the XXI-st century of different types of scientific character.

6. On the basis of comparison of experience of development of the Russian gymnasia formation of the investigated period and the present it is represented vozmozhyonym to predict some lines of the further development sovremennoyogo the gymnasia formation, capable to give an additional impulse for preservation behind it one of in the lead roles in development of system of the average general education. It is possible to carry the further development of relations and cooperation to number of such lines between grammar schools and gosudarstvennoyoadministrativnoj the power as the subjects, capable to provide development of grammar schools and realisation of their mission in management of reproduction of the Russian youth possessing lines, inherent in the best representatives rossijyoskoj intelligency. In our opinion in this cooperation that circumstance should be significant, that development of grammar schools is capable to promote in close cooperation with the Ministry of Public Education of the Russian Federation to maintenance of spiritual continuity Russian gymnasia obrazoyovanija the past and inquiries of modern society.

7. The further development of modern grammar schools assumes participation of representatives of a high school science, gymnasia collectives and bodies MiniYosterstva of education of the Russian Federation in working out modern podyohodov to preparation of teachers and leading administrative workers sovreyomennyh grammar schools. sotrudniyochestva high schools of a pedagogical orientation and grammar schools it is possible to carry the following to number of productive and perspective forms:

• installation of pedagogical high schools on preparation of students, profesyosionalno focused on work in grammar schools. It, in particular, predpoyolagaet working out of criteria of selection of students according to their plans for the future, connected with grammar schools, possession them rather high level of the general and professional culture, purposeful mastering
Modern methods of training and the technologies recommended gosuyodarstvennymi by educational standards;

• acceptance of graduates of classical universities in collectives of grammar schools;

• careful selection of applicants taking into account their professional development and level of the preparation, shown in educational practice in gimyonazijah, subjects and level of performance of final qualifying works bakalavriatury and magisterskih dissertations;

• preparation by the cycle faculty zanjayoty, connected with mastering by istoriko-pedagogical experience of development rosyosijskogo gymnasia formation, obrazovatelno-educational dejayotelnosti the best grammar schools at regional and Russian levels, populjariyozatsii progressive experience of development of leading foreign institutions in opreyodeljajushchih aspects of the obrazovatelno-educational activity, okayozyvajushchihsja congenial and to decision experience obrazovatelnoyovospitatelnyh problems modern grammar schools;

• development of experience of the best modern teachers of grammar schools and priglayoshenie them for participation in carrying out of a practical training, actual students for the professional development, ready in the future to become teachers of grammar schools;

• preparation of students - the future teachers of grammar schools to professioyonalnoj research activity up to training in aspiyoranture and work on master's theses on subjects, significant for development of grammar schools;

• regular participation in training of students on the basis of grammar schools of the Russian federation and region with a view of comparison of their experience, priobreteyonie scales of pedagogical thinking and achievement mnogoaspektnosti professional growth;

• mastering by theoretical bases and skills of practical experience of after-hour and out-of-class educational work, including svjazanyonoj with a class management taking into account specificity of a modern grammar school.

8. A consequence of realisation of the offered approaches to vocational training of teachers of grammar schools should be

• realisation by the future teachers of grammar schools quite osoyoznannogo the professional choice necessary for activity in sovreyomennoj for a grammar school;

• finding of high level of motivational readiness to dalnejyoshemu to self-development as teachers of a grammar school;

• cultivation of possibility for organic occurrence in obrazovayotelno-educational activity of gymnasia collectives in the presence of worthy launching sites and high level of understanding of specificity of obrayozovatelno-educational activity of a grammar school.

9. The further development of system of improvement of professional skill in sootyovetstvii with inquiries of grammar schools should assume

• creation of some independent from each other educational uchreyozhdeny, carrying out functions of the improvement of professional skill, offering sayomostojatelnye the educational programs based on studying konkretyonyh of educational inquiries of teachers, administration modern obrazoyovatelnyh establishments and, in particular, establishments of a gymnasia kind;

• thoughtful and exacting discussion of the maintenance of these proyogramm on faculty meetings of grammar schools and compulsion of their coordination with the management case of grammar schools;

• introduction in the maintenance of educational activity of establishments of improvement of professional skill not less than half of the practical and theoretical employment voluntary selected listeners also is the fullest reflecting their professional interests;

• discussion of results of improvement of professional skill with listeners and elimination of those theoretical and a practical training which, in their opinion, have no moral prospect of the further development and in defined steyopeni mismatches inquiries of teachers of a grammar school;

• compulsion of working out alternative educational proyogramm each of the establishments, responsible for realisation of improvement of professional skill;

• granting of a guarantee of a free choice of one of these proyogramm.

However development of modern gymnasia formation has generated certain crisis of system of improvement of professional skill pedagogical and ruyokovodjashchih workers of grammar schools.

These signs of crisis have been caused by following circumstances:

• deficiency of the conceptual positions connected with reflexion of specificity of obrazovatelno-educational activity modern gimnayozy;

• absence of that uniform understanding, what changes are expected grammar schools from the maintenance of educational activity of establishments povyyoshenija qualifications;

• heterogeneity of level of professional interests of teachers of grammar schools.

The permission of these problems for modern grammar schools has been connected with certain problems. To their number, it is obviously possible to carry the following:

• necessity of preparation of pedagogical shots to work with odayorennymi children and mastering by them skills of such activity in the conditions of an intense rhythm of work with the grammar-school boys possessing high level of informative abilities, but not allocated with endowments;

• an insufficient conceptually-methodological readiness of pedagogical approaches to work with such children in conditions obshcheobrazovayotelnoj schools;

• unavailability of teachers to creative not to the same approaches to work with presented children, in particular if activity in the given direction can bear in itself professional risks and demand vysokoyogo pressure of intellectual forces.

In this connection, that educational activity uchrezhdeyony improvements of professional skill has really reached results neobhodiyomyh for professional growth of teachers and administration of grammar schools predyostavljaetsja necessary realisation of research work in napravyolenii decisions of some problems:

• definition invarianta formation maintenances on the improvement of professional skill, connected with didactic, methodological and kontseptuyoalnymi bases of realisation of the modern competent approach, objazayotelnogo for all educational institutions irrespective of or other variant of their development in system of the average general education;

• realisation of the generalising analysis of development of gymnasia formation in Russia and its adaptation to educational institutions povyyoshenija qualifications.

Achievement of as much as possible optimum combination of depth teoreticheyoskogo the analysis and an expert orientirovannosti at maintenance definition soyootvetstvujushchih the training courses completely reflecting problems and prospects of development of modern grammar schools;

• the organisations of training of students of increase kvalifiyokatsii, on the basis of the best grammar schools of Russia and regions with obligatory vypolneyoniem the research tasks corresponding to their professional interests defined by the maintenance of programs;

• formations of system of the organisation of meetings and consultations with veyodushchimi workers of bodies of the Ministry of Public Education Russian FederaYO
tsii, known teachers and administrative workers, predstaviteyoljami the high school and academic science, having considerable experience and isyosledovatelskie workings out, actual for development obrazovatelnoyovospitatelnoj activity of modern grammar schools.

10. It is necessary to recognise, that prospects of development of gymnasia formation are connected with existence of certain risks.

It is necessary to carry to number of such risks

• the deformation of public consciousness expressed in ignoriroyovanii of that modern Russian grammar schools are the democratic educational institutions alien to any displays social elitnosti, so characteristic for the Russian grammar schools of XIX century [151, from 22-24.];

• absence of that comprehension, that grammar schools are necessary, before vseyogo, for the pupils intelligently choosing an educational trajectory razyovitija, assuming serious and regular work throughout all years of training;

• ignoring of that circumstance, that modern grammar schools not only declare the spiritual communication with Russian gymnasia zayovedenijami the past, but are capable to exist and effectively to carry out the obrazovatelno-educational activity in conditions kontseptualnoyogo developments.

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A source: Markov NIKOLAY STEPANOVICH. Development of conceptual bases of the maintenance gymnasia obrazoyovanija in Russia of second half XIX - the XXI-st century beginnings. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of pedagogical sciences. Tver - 2018. 2018

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