Conclusions to the chapter II

The results received at carrying out of ascertaining experiment, have allowed us to draw a conclusion on importance of the praktiko-focused training for formation of tsennostno-semantic perception of the future professional work and increase of quality indicators of training.

Integration of an average of the general and average vocational training into system of social partnership with the enterprises was spent by us in GBPOU «the Moscow state educational complex» through realisation of the basic priority directions of activity::

1. Orientation of average vocational training to standards WorldSkills: introduction new kompetentsy, realised under standards WorldSkills; participation in championships WorldSkills.

2. Effective иcπoльгoвaниe models network zaanmolsjstvnja, base chairs and industrial practice sites. Teamwork with the enterprises-partners for working out and realisation of educational programs.

3. Realisation of the Motoring map of improvement of professional skill of a teaching staff.

Accordingly, we have put before ourselves following problems::

• development praktiko-orienirovannogo the training assuming creation of possibilities for disclosing of a professional orientation and potential of trainees;

• the decision aadach πpa κτ иκoгopиeнвиpoвaннoro training by creation of effective system of social partnership of the educational organisation with the enterprises of hi-tech industries;

• realisation of the Program of professional perfection of a teaching staff developed by us with a view of effective realisation of tasks in view.

For the purpose of realisation of the qualitative praktiko-focused training, since 2015 in the Moscow state educational complex base chairs have been opened: two at the enterprises of the Oboronno-industrial complex of Russia («the Moscow machine-building enterprise of a name of V.V.Tchernyshev», «the Research-and-production centre gazoturbostroenija« Salute ») and two economy in innovative sector (chair« the Technopolis. A personnel reserve »- on the basis of the flagman project of the Government of Moscow on creation of an infrastructure for development of high technologies« the Technopolis "Moscow" and chair «the Moscow commercial and industrial chamber. A personnel reserve»).

Educational activity was spent under the programs integrating the maintenance of an average of the general and average vocational training. Direct inclusion in educational activity of the general educational organisation of the techniques applied in SPO where there was a historical practice of application dejatelnostnyh technologies of training and participation in the praktiko-focused Olympic Games and competitions with self-determination prospect, has allowed to strengthen praktiko - orientirovannost the general образования:.

Creation of base chairs at the enterprises has allowed to raise quality of the praktiko-focused training and to improve forms of interaction with the organisations of real sector of economy on the basis of the model of integration of the maintenance of an average of the general and average vocational training created by us in the conditions of social partnership.

Also we had been developed and realised the Motoring map of improvement of professional skill of teaching staff GBPOU MGOK.

The results received at carrying out of a control stage of experiment, have proved efficiency developed by us functionally - substantial model of integration of an average of the general and average vocational training as bases of multilevel system of preparation of experts for modern hi-tech manufactures in the conditions of social partnership.

The analysis of the results received at carrying out of ascertaining and control stages of experiment, has allowed to confirm formation of the responsible relation to the future trade, comprehension of as the future expert, growth of a professional self-estimation (not exceeding norm), testifying to the positive relation to professional work and steady motivation to the further professional self-development at students of experimental group. Data of diagrammes visually display qualitative changes of results of sessions and GIA at students of experimental group. Victories in Championships WorldSkills and competitions of professional skill confirm high level of preparation of the trained. We explain this dynamics efficiency of the praktiko-focused training in system of social partnership with the enterprises, motivation growth to training, formation of professional consciousness. It is necessary to notice, that in control group of change on the given indicators are insignificant.

The praktiko-focused training realised on base chairs of the Educational complex, promotes personal changes in professional consciousness of students, formation of an image of as future professional which are the factor of professional self-development, raise motivation to training. The results received by us at carrying out of experiment, have proved growth of professional consciousness of students. Qualitative changes of indicators of productivity of sessions and

GIA, achievements of students in competitions of professional skill visually confirm a role of social partnership in increase of efficiency of the modern praktiko-focused formation. The model of integration of the maintenance of an average of the general and average vocational training developed by us in the conditions of social partnership has proved to be true and has proved the efficiency.

We had been developed and introduced in educational process «Methodical recommendations about integration of the general and vocational training in the organisations of average vocational training on the basis of realisation of individual curricula» [117], and also mechanisms of achievement of qualitative results of training which have added methodology of integration processes in system of an average of the general and average vocational training (strengthening of the praktiko-focused component of preparation, its aiming at reception of concrete knowledge and abilities; immersing of trainees in the professional environment at all stages of a trajectory of development of the person in uniform multilevel system of continuous formation; preparation of participants for competitions on kompetentsijam WorldSkills; creation of the individual praktiko-focused educational routes; Creation sated obrazovatelnoyoprofessionalnoj the environment generating various possibilities for trained, variety and continuity of programs; increase of competitiveness of graduates at forming of an educational and professional trajectory).

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A source: Artemyev Igor Anatolevich. INTEGRATION of the AVERAGE of the GENERAL And AVERAGE VOCATIONAL TRAINING In the conditions of SOCIAL PARTNERSHIP. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of pedagogical sciences. Tver - 2019. 2019

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