Conclusions on the second chapter

Results of the spent skilled-experimental work on working out and an estimation of effectiveness of set of didactic means (kinds of tasks, diagnostic characteristics) constructions of the educational tasks directed on purposeful formation of personal results of schoolboys, allow us to draw following conclusions.

1. During the analysis of textbooks on "Mathematician" the conclusion that educational tasks are not considered by authors of these textbooks as the tool of planned formation of personal results of schoolboys that has defined necessity for working out of educational tasks which becomes effective means of their formation in conditions opytnoyoeksperimentalnogo training is drawn.

2. Criteria and indicators of dynamics of personal results are allocated and on the basis of them the choice of control and experimental classes, gathering and data processing opytnoyoeksperimentalnoj works we was carried out have confirmed effectiveness of our approach.

3. In the course of working out and check of the educational tasks directed on achievement of personal results of schoolboys, we allocate components which define the form and the maintenance of such educational tasks. The first is a description of a vital situation or a historic fact which cause experiences and become lichnostno
Significant for the trained; the second - the subject maintenance included in a context of such description; the third - questions / the requirements stimulating of internal communications trained to an establishment of a vital situation / of a historic fact with the subject maintenance for development of any certain vital and informative position or acceptances of the corresponding decision.

4. On the basis of base set of didactic principles, reference points and kinds of educational tasks we develop funds of the educational tasks directed on achievement of personal results of training.

5. Forming experiment has shown, that at the organisation of training of schoolboys according to the set of didactic means developed by us favorable conditions are created that formation of personal results of schoolboys occurred at the majority of pupils not spontaneously, and according to target reference points set by training.

As acknowledgement to it are served by comparison of results opytnoyoeksperimentalnoj works in control and experimental classes where skilled-experimental training has been organised, mathematical processing of results of research with use of a technique of definition of reliability of coincidence and distinctions for the experimental data measured in a serial scale, by statistical criterion 2


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A source: Beljaeva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna. the EDUCATIONAL TASK AS PEDAGOGICAL MEANS of ACHIEVEMENT of PERSONAL RESULTS of TRAINING At the BASIC SCHOOL. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of pedagogical sciences. Vladimir - 2019. 2019

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