The problem kompetentnostnogo the approach to school education is actual and at the same time insufficiently developed, that has found reflexion, in particular, in FGOS new generation. The idea of formation kompetentsy at schoolboys, especially at senior pupils, tsenna that allows to realise the praktiko-focused and lichnostno-developing approaches in teaching of school disciplines to solve problems of readiness of graduates to a further education, socialisation, to professional adaptation and constructive interaction. In this connection terms "competence" and

"Competence" of the domestic pedagogical literature are understood accordingly as «readiness for performance of this or that kind of activity» and as «result of mastering kompetentsijami».

With introduction kompetentnostnogo the approach to formation there is possible a decision school of problems of formation at the graduate of metasubject knowledge, universal educational actions who are actual for modern ability to live in an information society. Special value in school educational practice the problem of formation key educational kompetentsy, having complex metasubject character and such characteristics, as "multifunctionality", "mezhdistsiplinarnost" gets, "multidimensionality". Possibility of the given actual pedagogical problem within the limits of an initial hypothesis of research is proved with attraction of pedagogical potential of resources of a network the Internet, recognised on the present stage the major educational (didactic) means.

Thereupon in research the assumption that in special way organised pedagogical activity and realisation of authentic organizational-pedagogical conditions will promote formation key educational kompetentsy senior pupils on the basis of use of pedagogical potential of resources of a network the Internet is put forward. The given assumption, the purpose of the present research and necessity of theoretical and empirical check of a hypothesis have predetermined the decision in research of some problems.

1. Proceeding from modern representation about complexity of structure and structure kompetentsy, not enough accurate recommendations in this plan FGOS, the question on specificity key educational kompetentsy remains debatable, that has caused within the limits of research the specified classification key educational kompetentsy according to the maintenance of formation and spheres of human activity. Are allocated uchebno-informative, sociolabor, sociopolitical (civil) and cultural-dosugovaja key educational the competence, which should be mastered (at base level) senior pupils for successful current and future educational activity, professional adaptation and socialisation, conformity to modern requirements to work with information files. Four basic structural components of each of key kompetentsy are noted and described: kognitivnyj (knowledge in sphere of competent activity), functional (skills in the given sphere), psychological (values, motives, requirements) and social (ability and readiness to co-operate with other people in activity to carry out social roles in group and collective).

2. The pedagogical potential of resources of a network the Internet for formation key educational kompetentsy pupils of the senior classes is correlated in research with directions of the educational
Activity at the senior school and components key kompetentsy. In this connection such resources, as group the Internet - of representations, educational and cultural and educational sites and portals are allocated and described; group of universal help information resources; group of the thematic it is information - scientific and informatsionnoyodistsiplinarnyh resources; group of information-training resources (virtual training apparatus, online testing, etc.).

At definition of pedagogical potential of Internet resources the contradiction between a wide circulation informatsionnoyokommunikatsionnyh technologies in daily human life, transformation of overwhelming number of pupils into the users "advanced" the Internet - both actual absence theoretically and methodically proved model of use of resources of a network the Internet in the course of formation key educational kompetentsy senior pupils is revealed. The conclusion that the existing situation in many respects is generated become outdated "znanievoj" by a formation paradigm when the school focuses attention to mastering of the actual maintenance of the obligatory program, instead of on formation of ability trained to search, the analysis, processing of the information for achievement of definite purposes has been drawn.

3. Within the limits of the offered model of formation key educational kompetentsy, based on idea of a combination metasubject, dejatelnostnogo, lichnostno-focused, kompetentnostnogo and system approaches, following blocks are allocated:

- Target (it is caused by the order of the state within the limits of FGOS on the graduate of school, the future citizen and the professional with the generated critical and research thinking, the developed abilities of orientation in the modern information world);

- Substantial - it is correlated with concrete directions of pedagogical process of realisation of potential of Internet resources (with
Formation of skills of work with the diverse information; with development of communicative abilities of cooperation in the real and virtual environment; with correction poliaspektnoj world pictures in consciousness of the senior pupil; with formation of socially encouraged system of values and behaviour models) and components key educational kompetentsy;

- Within the limits of the remedial block potential pedagogical possibilities of Internet resources and the educational forms connected with them, pedagogical methods and receptions are concretised;

- In the kontrolno-diagnostic block criteria of an estimation and levels sformirovannosti key educational kompetentsy are specified.

4. Revealing within the limits of research of pedagogical conditions of realisation of model went within the limits of experimental pedagogical activity on the basis of municipal educational institution «Lycée № 23» cities of Podolsk of the Moscow area, the training organisation on the developed model passed in the senior classes on the basis of six municipal educational institutions of of Podolsk. In total experiment had been captured 250 pupils, 32 teachers and the psychologist of lycée. On the basis of the spent experiment following optimum pedagogical conditions of formation key educational kompetentsy senior pupils have been defined:

- Increase of motivation, pedagogical qualification and readiness of teachers for formation key educational kompetentsy, and also motivation of parents; there were effective thematic methodical seminars and sessions of "round" tables for teachers, online interrogations, online consultations and the Internet - of a page for parents and senior pupils, etc.);

- Organic combination on the basis of a corresponding hardware fixed and and after-hour activity; the most significant both productive methods and receptions had appeared working out on disciplines of information packages and a complex of tasks on work with
The information, the problem thesaurus and instructions - algorithms of work with information resources for preparation of the report, the abstract, presentation; use in fixed both after-hour activity vebyokvestov and a method of projects; carrying out by teachers within the limits of after-hour activity of master classes, kruzhkovoj work and consultations.

5. The level estimation sformirovannosti key educational kompetentsy senior pupils is based on the allocated structural components kompetentsy which are correlated with corresponding criteria. The information criterion checks knowledge, understanding of the facts and laws (kognitivnyj a component); dejatelnostnyj criterion - abilities of performance of actions, receptions of creative activity (a functional component); communicative criterion - tolerance, speech development, readiness for dialogue, ability to communicate (a social component); the personal criterion defines valuable orientations, a self-estimation, motives (a psychological component). On the basis of the developed criteria and indicators key educational the competence have been correlated with an estimation of the universal educational actions having also metasubject character. The made experiment has allowed to draw a conclusion on a recognition the universal intersubject form of an estimation of educational actions and key educational kompetentsy design activity. It is caused by its integration character; that design activity promotes increase of informative activity and independence of senior pupils and on the basis of the reference by project working out to resources of a network the Internet develops abilities of selection, the analysis, an estimation, ordering, processing and information representation, etc. in this connection, allows to estimate all key educational the competence (uchebno-informative, sociolabor, sotsialnoyopoliticheskuju and cultural-dosugovuju).

6. The offered model of formation key educational kompetentsy senior pupils resources of a network the Internet has passed
Complex empirical check. The analysis of the received data has visually shown considerable positive dynamics of indicators in development of all components key educational kompetentsy senior pupils experimental groups, in comparison by respondents of control groups. Comparison of results of the testing spent prior to the beginning of experiment and after its termination has shown, that realisation of the offered model promotes expansion of the general outlook of pupils, development in them of abilities to generalise and classify objects; causes positive dynamics of such indicators, as «feeling of novelty», "criticality", «ability to transformation of objects»; aktsentualizatsija at lessons on disciplines of the problem thesaurus deducing on valuable components, possibility intensively to co-operate with contemporaries and teachers were stimulus for correction of valuable orientations trained - from «consumer I - of an ideal» to system of socially encouraged values.

The offered model has shown the greatest efficiency in relation to the pupils having problems not only with progress, but also with adjustment of social contacts. Set of results of experiment, as a whole, has confirmed a working hypothesis of research. The combination of pedagogical potential of means of a network the Internet and educational process on the basis of specially developed model has given sinergichesky effect for development of personal and creative characteristics key educational kompetentsy pupils of 10 classes in experimental group that allows to ascertain: realisation of author's model promoted positive dynamics in formation at examinees key educational kompetentsy: uchebno-informative, sotsialnoyotrudovoj, sociopolitical and cultural-dosugovoj.

7. On the basis of the carried out research practical recommendations are developed for formation key educational kompetentsy senior pupils on the basis of possibilities of a network the Internet:

- To use methodical associations, seminars, «round tables» for increase of a skill level of teachers for the purpose of realisation by them at lessons and in after-hour activity of modern pedagogical approaches (metasubject, dejatelnostnogo, lichnostno-focused and dr);

- To pedagogical collective to develop system of fixed and after-hour employment for the senior pupils, constructed on a metasubject principle;

- To apply the methodical receptions of teaching focusing pupils on independent performance of new educational action, with use of the general or new algorithm of activity;

- To change style of interaction of teachers and senior pupils to tactics of pedagogical assistance;

- Performance by pupils of thematic projects and presentations follows

To carry out in small groups on 3-5 persons in the following sequence: testing of pupils; system carrying out

Metasubject employment; performance by pupils of educational projects with use of a network the Internet; otsenivanie results of design activity; repeated testing of schoolboys;

- To supervise to teachers-predmetnikam resources of a network the Internet, used by senior pupils for performance of thematic projects;

- To teachers to hold parental meetings, consultations of the purpose of comprehension by parents of value key educational kompetentsy and resources of a network the Internet for better preparation of pupils for studies and to total certification;

- Teachers for level revealing sformirovannosti key educational kompetentsy should use not only testing, «pourochnyj a point», modular otsenivanie, but also otsenivanie design activity of the trained.

At the same time it is necessary to recognise, that the problem of correlation concerning new kompetentnostnogo the approach and process of information of school education remains rather actual. Complexity of its decision is caused not only its interdisciplinary character, but also nearby socially - economic, technological and pedagogical problems in this connection, the complex of noted problems demands the further working out within the limits of thematic dissertational researches.

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A source: Sineva Larisa Sergeevna. Formation key educational kompetentsy senior pupils resources of a network the Internet. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of pedagogical sciences. Moscow - 2018. 2018

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