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In the course of research we applied a general scientific dialectic method of knowledge; the general, special and private methods of research: rather-legal, istoriko-comparative, system, logiko-legal. The basic linguistic method of research was opisatelno-analytical which provides revealing of features of the considered phenomena with reference to different concrete historical situations.
This method allows to define the general theoretical laws of influence of various factors on development of terminology and its structure. For the state and right characteristic the most comprehensible is the is constructive-critical approach to an estimation and the analysis of last and present state-legal doctrines. Besides, in work receptions of the statistical and componental analysis were used. The decision of the problems put in dissertational research has demanded complex use of methods and receptions of the analysis and the synthesis applied in modern linguistics. ^ theoretical value of the dissertation consists that it brings The certain contribution to studying of the general theory of the term and terminological nomination, in formation research terminovedenija the rights, in particular in studying sistemnosti English terminoobrazovanija, in the further development of methods of research of the language organisation of special knowledge; in a substantiation of the lingvo-conceptual approach to revealing of system properties of terms of the English right; in an establishment of conformity of formal and substantial signs of structure terminosistemy the English right. The done work represents detailed studying ^ a legal language as the sample of naturally developing scientific Terminology. Research of the problems connected with functioning of a legal language during the different periods of formation of the state, gives the bases to all-round judgement of ways of perfection of a standard field. Practical value of research is defined by that its materials can promote the further working out of the theoretical questions connected with a legal language and problems of its formation and functioning. The conclusions received in the dissertation, can bring the certain contribution to studying of professional legal lexical system, to the general theory of a word and the term theory, in working out of questions of formation terminosistem, and also can serve as a material for the further research of terminology. Research materials can be used in practice of teaching of English language in not language high schools of a corresponding profile, and also on the employment devoted to questions of word-formation in a course leksikologii. Approbation of results of research. Research substantive provisions were discussed in performances on April readings MUBiU of Moscow (April, 2004), at scientifically-practical conference SPIEB of Domodedovo (April, 2004), and also have found reflexion in publications on a dissertation theme.
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A source: Avakova, Olga Viktorovna. The formation and functioning of the English legal terminology in the process of formation of state and law in England / Thesis / Moscow. 2006

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