10.1. Introduction

All measures transferred by us on realisation of a policy of the reforms based on stimulus, answer three main conditions. First, all of them, from free elections to kommertsializirovannyj protection services sobyostvennosti, are directed on creation of the conditions promoting development konyokurentsii among various institutes and forms of board (whether it be formalyonyh or informal).

Secondly, all of them require bolshej the public accountability. It is obvious to elections, but also the offered Federal service of protection of the property in much bigger degree is accountable (to those enterprises which to it pay), rather than existing machinery of state. And even introduction of new system of the taxation providing open and public negotiations on rates of the taxation for the separate enterprises will be more accountable to the public, rather than existing system preyodostavlenija privileges behind the closed doors.

At last, and this most important thing, all offered measures provide self-organising of private subjects of economy. The state will grant only choice possibility institutsionalnogo systems. This already in itself is a lot of, as now such possibility or completely is absent, or is made by the extremely inconvenient in force neprayovilnogo balance in social game. At the same time the question on, whether vosyopolzujutsja subjects of economy this possibility, will depend on their own choice.

Probability of that people will take advantage of new possibility, can be considerably increased at the expense of introduction of a new kind of a competitiveness, koyotoraja it can appear very useful to assistance to realisation dalyo
nejshih political and economic reforms in Russia, namely, konkuyorentsii between regions in extensive territory of the country. In the beginning we rasyosmotrim a question on power decentralisation in relations between the federal centre and the regional authorities. Then we will consider danger sosredotocheyonija too big power in regions and measures of counteraction such opasnoyosti which consist in the further delegation of power to bodies local sayomoupravlenija with simultaneous strict observance of federal laws in all territory of the country. And, at last, we will consider the problem on schemes stimuliyorovanija the governmental employees who can soften a problem koryoruptsii.


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A source: Javlinsky Grigory Alekseevich. SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC SYSTEM of Russia And the PROBLEM of ITS MODERNIZATION. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of the Doctor of Economics. Moscow - 2005. 2005

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