Empirical base of research

the Program of dissertational research is realised in the course of work with following empirical data: 172 Sagittarius And. E. To a question on the human capital of presidency in Russia//Changes in the politician and a policy of changes.
Strategy, institutes, actors: Theses of reports on V Vseros. The congress of political scientists (Moscow, 20 - 22 nojab. 2009) . - M: RAPN, 2009. - With. 398 - 399; Sagittarius I.E.Rossijskie presidents: some results of research [the Analysis from the point of view of the human capital]//the Policy. - 2010. - 4. - with. 95 - 98; Sagittarius I.E.Politiko-psihologichesky the analysis of the person of the President of the Russian Federation (on B.N.Yeltsin, V.V. example. Putin, D.A.Medvedev)//Prospects of development of political psychology: new directions / Under the editorship of E.B.Shestopal. - M: Publishing house Mosk. Un y, 2012. - With. 148 - 158;, etc. 173 Soloveva O.V.Nabljudenie//Social psychology: the Practical work / Under the editorship of T.V. Folomeevoj. - M: aspect the Press, 2009. - With. 28 - 49; Megrabjan A.Psihodiagnostika of nonverbal behaviour. - SPb.: Izd - in "Speech", 2001. - 253 with.; Rakitjansky N.M. Methods distantnoj psychological diagnostics//the Person of the politician: the Theory and methodology of psychological portraiture / N. M.Rakitjansky. - M, 2011. - with. 159 - 180;, etc. 174 Loginovs N.A.Psihobiografichesky a method of research and correction of the person. - Almaty: Izd - in the Cossack i, 2001. - 172 with.; Ihanus J. Profiling Russian Leaders from a Psychohistorical and a Psychobiographical Perspective//Profiling Political Leaders: Cross-cultural Studies of Personality and Behavior / Ed. by O. Feldman, L. O. Valenty. - Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2001. - P. 129 - 148; Glad B. Political Leadership: Some Methodological Considerations//Political Leadership for the New Century: Personality and Behavior Among American Leaders / Ed. by L. O. Valenty, O. Feldman. - Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2002. - P. 9 - 24;, etc. 175 Uinter D, Hermann M, Uajntraub U, Walker S.Distantnoe studying of persons of J. Bush and M.Gorbachev: Procedures, portraits, a policy//Political psychology: Hrestomatija / Under the editorship of E.B.Shestopal. - M: INFRA TH, 2002. - With. 54 - 92; Shalak V. I. The modern content-analysis: Appendices in the field of political science, psychology, sociology, cultural science, economy, advertising. - M: Omega-l, 2004. - 271 with.; Bogomolova N. N, Malysheva N. G, Stefanenko T.G. the Content-analysis//Social psychology: the Practical work / Under the editorship of T.V. Folomeevoj. - M: aspect the Press, 2009. - With. 131 - 162; Melnikova O, Horoshilov D.Metodologicheskie principles of qualitative researches in psychology//Vestn. Mosk. Un y. - sulfurs. 14. Psychology. - 2013. - 3. - with. 4 - 17;, etc. 176 See: Kaarbo J., Beasley R. A Practical guide to the comparative case study method in political psychology//Political Psychology. - 1999. - Vol. 20. - No. 2. - P. 369 - 391; George A. L., Bennett A. Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences. - Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2005. - 256 p.;, etc. - the biographic materials reflecting the basic stages of socialisation and political activity. N. Yeltsin, D.A.Medvedev and V.V. Putin to the introduction into a post of the President of the Russian Federation, approximate volume not less than 60 usl. The l item. On each leader; - specially selected texts of spontaneous performances in mass-media, substantial fragments of videorecordings of interview, a press - of conferences and occurrings with citizens of the Russian presidents: B.N.Yeltsin - total amount in 10 thousand words for 1991 - 1999; D.A.Medvedev - total amount in 10 thousand words for 2008 - 2012; V.V. Putin - total amount in 15 thousand words for 2000 - 2008 and 2012 - 2013; - the konstitutsionno-legal information covering basic institutsionalnye aspects of a political role, the status and functions of the President of the Russian Federation, total amount not less than 20 usl. The l item., and also istoriko-chronological data on an internal political and international context of activity of B.N.Yeltsin, D.A.Medvedev and V.V. Putin as the Russian leader, approximate volume not less than 30 usl. The l item. On each of three Post-Soviet presidents.
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