the Characteristic of an image in election campaign (January, 2012)

The image of Zyuganov is characterised high, but not by absolute visual recognition (97 %). ekspressivnost statements about it it is not especially high and connected mainly with its adherence to communist party («Yes, komunjaka», «Yes, our communist Zyuganov»).

Speaking about Gennady Andreevicha's political support, it is necessary to notice, that the number of opponents of its sights twice exceeded number of its supporters (45,9 % against 27,1 %), and the rating of the politician for January, 2012, according to research, has made 14 %. The relation to the program of the politician is determined mainly by a choice of respondents ideological kontsepta state developments - return or not return to the Soviet past, the relation to

To communistic ideals. The respondents partially supporting Zyuganov, mention, as a rule, its offers in sphere of social policy, a state system and a national economy («… I support … places. The raising rural economy», «Is things in which it is right, for example about formation»). Opponents of political ideas share mainly on 2 groups. The first, recognising behind communistic idea the right to existence, consider, that in Russia its realisation and Zyuganov is impossible personifies the politician not capable to carry out conceived («its sights communistic, like I approve, but me it is not believed, that at us in the state it is possible to adjust all it»). The second, categorically reject the political program of a communistic orientation, and accordingly its politician adhering. The respondents supporting political views of Zyuganov, quite often appeal to the Soviet past or support Zyuganov's oppositional role, they make, so are named «protest electorate» («approve the Majority of its sights since it is a counterbalance to the Putin mode», «Yes though any alternative»).


At rational level of perception Zyuganov is perceived in bolshej degrees as the unattractive politician (the general number of negative characteristics exceeds number of positive responses) (tab. 1). Rod characteristics of an image are political, professionally - business qualities. The given characteristics were the most mentioned at an estimation of appeal and unattractiveness of the politician. It is possible to carry qualities to the basic attractive characteristics of a political and is professional-business orientation: concerning an ideological orientation of the candidate («such feeling, that it for idea mountain costs); estimating ability to personify opposition to express own opinion which is distinct from opinion of the governmental majority;

The estimation of the professional competence is often determined by the relation of the respondent to political experience of the politician, Zyuganov's supporters estimate it as the skilled competent politician with the big professional luggage, opponents recollect Zyuganov's political experience when try to prove interrelation of its psychological and professional lacks. Often failures of the politician in the previous election campaigns negatively affect appeal of an image in the opinion of respondents, its losses are mentioned often enough and treated as a weakness and noncompetitiveness sign.

The attractive lines of the person of G.A.Zjuganova second for the importance are its psychological qualities. In this case respondents attribute to the candidate purposefulness, the mental abilities combined with quiet customs, steadiness, judiciousness, belief in the work, firmness, the diligence, the given qualities contact potential realisation of tasks in view.

The separate psychological

Qualities of an image can be carried to variativnym, for example, persistence of the politician are treated frequently by its opponents as obstinacy and "tverdolobost". Corporal and moral attractive characteristics are less expressed, that should influence electoral appeal of the politician. To a lesser degree, than in the nineties, moral principles of the politician, patriotism, protection of the lower class of the population are mentioned also.

Table 1. Indicators of an image of G.A.Zyuganov at rational level of perception

Appeal % Unattractiveness %
The external 5 The external 13
The corporal 5 The corporal 11
The psychological 18 The psychological 8
Morally-ethical 10 Morally-ethical 4
Political and business 28 Political and business 48
Force is pleasant 17 Force is not pleasant 1
Weakness is pleasant 3 Weakness is not pleasant 21
Activity is pleasant 22 Activity is not pleasant 8
Passivity is pleasant 5 Passivity is not pleasant 3

The most widespread unattractive qualities of the candidate of its steel

Political and is professional-business characteristics. External and corporal qualities of unattractive property are on the second place on rate of mentions, the low importance of moral appeal and unattractiveness is adverse for the candidate as in many respects is the reason of a mismatch of an image with ideal konstruktom. The Most adverse for a rating of the politician is that 32 % of respondents of anything in this politician are not pleasant («all is not pleasant: from ideas and belief before he puts on»), and number of supporters of the politician is much less than number of its opponents (enc. 7, fig. 1). Among the most widespread unattractive professional characteristics allocate illiteracy of speech, inability to make impression for electorate, propensity to political inactivity, the conservative methods of work supported with out-of-date ideological sights.

Attracts attention prevalence of external and corporal unattractiveness over appeal of the politician, at preservation of separate unequivocally treated characteristics, for example, Zyuganov's sight is characterised by respondents as attractive line, and a smile, mentioned in negatively painted estimations. Estimating corporal fullness of an image, the greatest attention give to age of the politician. It is remarkable, that Zyuganov's charges in an old age after election campaign has essentially increased («starovat for a policy, for a long time on pension the clodhopper any») is time »,«. Possibly, duration of political career of the candidate and decrease in its political activity influences. Morally-ethical unattractiveness of an image of the politician is presented mainly by cunning and falsity characteristics,

Defaults of promises in comparison with 2000 of the politician name fair, decent, interested in people less often.

Having estimated personal characteristics of an image from its position attraktivnosti, it is possible to assert, that rod characteristics of an image are political and is professional-business qualities (enc. 6, fig. 2). It is important, that they are most variativnymi in image, their treatment in many respects depends on subject factors of perception. It is possible to assume, that Zyuganov's charges in a withdrawal from its ideological principles, an ambiguity of a political position in insignificant degree can shake a rating of this politician. Unequivocally treated qualities are faster corporal (with negative co-optation) and psychological (with positive co-optation) than the characteristic.

In a motivational profile of the politician (fig. 1) prevails motive of business («to change thinking of Russians to return lost – he wishes the best Russia and people», «to construct new Soviet Union»). The second for the importance is the mercenary motive of the candidate («… the main thing – will fill a pocket»,

«Aspires behind money that on an old age has sufficed»).

Rational level of perception Unconscious level of perception

Drawing 1. G.A.Zjuganova's motivational portrait (January 2012)

Drawing 2. Indicators statusno - G.A.Zjuganova's role positions (January 2012)

The power is not necessary For the sake of the power For the sake of ambitions For the sake of business For the sake of money

6 Victim 10

The financier 0


The servant 17


The keeper of a hole 19

25 Hunter 14

21 Owner of wood 8

0 10 20 30

0 5 10 15 20

It is remarkable, that mercenary motive (almost always negatively treated) attribute a policy even its supporters, opponents in turn do not deny the fact of that the candidate can sincerely aspire and to realisation of the political program. There is an impression, that many respondents attribute to an image simultaneously both these motivational orientations, in their opinion, Zyuganov wishes to transform the Russian reality and to be enriched in the course of it («for it the power – fanatical idea – the belief multiplied by calculation, that the power brings money and well-being»). The motive «for the sake of the power» in image basically specifies the power in inertial character of political activity of Zyuganov ("politics tricks", «on a habit», «yes by tradition climb in the power – has got used»). Motive of ambitions quite often

Proves in estimations of its political career, and speaks, according to respondents, feeling of a dissatisfaction which is tested by the politician («to take vengeance on enemies and to prove, that it still something can», «possibility to feel the owner»).

By consideration of an image on parametres of force and activity at rational level considerably some contradiction. A part of respondents characterise Zyuganov as enough the strong and active politician (17 % and 22 %), thus hardly bolshee quantity of respondents attribute to it weakness and in bolshej degrees passivity (21 % and 28 %) which they see in absence of flexibility, real actions, and in its populism. Direct dependence of an emotional sign on indicators of force and activity of an image and its personal appeal is observed. It is besides, obvious, that the given parametres, directly, are connected with character of the relation of respondents to political experience of the candidate, its strong-willed psychological qualities. Political inactivity of the politician frequently speaks respondents not konjukturnymi features, and the personal characteristic of the politician (lack of will, unwillingness to work).


Appeal of the politician at unconscious level is inconsistent enough. Number of associations with attractive and unattractive animals approximately equally (the given parity of indicators in image always remains enough variativnym). The big definiteness is brought by the analysis of associations of the politician with smells. Prevalence of repellent unpleasant aromas in image is observed throughout long time (enc. 7, fig. 12).

As well as at rational level, the politician is perceived is inconsistent enough concerning parametre of unconscious force. The number of associations with strong and weak animals practically equally, and it is the worst indicator for all history of research of an image of Zyuganov, thus, that maskulinnost smells with which assotsiirujut Zyuganov, exceeds them feminnost (32 % against 20 %). Weakness and ambiguity of an image of the candidate is shown and at estimations of scale and aggression of animals, with which it assotsiirujut.

The image of Zyuganov differs razbalansirovannostju concerning its statusno-role orientation ») (fig. 2). The Statusno-role perception was made by means of studying of roles of animals, with which assotsiirovali a policy respondents. The considerable quantity of respondents considers Zyuganov« as the servant "and" the store », that reflects mercenary interests, secondariness and

«Created visibility» its positions in the developed political space. The importance in an image of role installation «not from our wood» can be explained sensation of respondents of allogeneity of the image or neaktualnosti to communistic ideology in the existing

To "architecture" of the Russian political space. As the third on the importance the role of an animal «the owner of wood» that speaks about certain expressiveness at Zyuganov such liderskih qualities as independence, dominantnost, independence, confidence and, possibly acts, about

Preservation for the politician of stable electorate who sees the politician capable to carry out a presidential role, and traditionally gives the voice for the leader of communists.

Results allow to say, that G.A.Zjuganov is perceived by candidate steadily integrated into the Russian political space, clear, habitual and not alien to the population (in associations the primary colours, natural smells prevailed). The politician in bolshej degrees estimate as emotional, ideological instead of as business leader, in associations prevalence of warm shades of colour is registered, it is important, that this tendency is stable throughout many years.

Zyuganov's long stay in the Russian electoral field, has defined high awareness of respondents and was in turn reflected and in polarisation of estimations of appeal of the politician, often it is treated depending on political support, thus, that a kernel of an image is politiko-professional qualities in a combination to an ideological orientation fast. Research has shown, that «weak places» a policy are imperfect is professional-business lines (absence of organising, diplomatic skills, conservatism), and its political orientation causes disputes.

According to results of research the image of the candidate is seldom compared both with image of the ideal President, and with others to ideal konstruktam-companions of selective process (for example, image of the potential candidate-winner or image of the contender of the candidate-winner) (enc. 8, rice 1). Possibly, bolshee value in the course of Zyuganov's perception plays a role which it is necessary to play a policy in the Russian political validity long time, as consequence significant in the course of perception to become and the mechanism

«naveshivanija labels» (such as «the main communist of the country», «the permanent leader of opposition party», "candidate-contender").

The low importance of moral characteristics in perception, prevalence in an image of moral unattractiveness, the general razbalansirovannost attractive qualities at rational and unconscious level, the tendency to decrease after 2011 of indicators of moral and psychological attractive characteristics, sketchiness of an image (absence of external and corporal fullness) is aggravated nekongruentnostju with image of the ideal president by criteria of force and activity (enc. 8, fig. 2-3).

Mentioning things in common of data konstruktov in consciousness of Russians, we will note that, maskulinnost and the orientation of a motivational profile of the candidate as a whole corresponds to a component of images of the potential candidate-winner and the ideal governor. And retroorientations of an image as a whole will be co-ordinated with unconscious aspiration of respondents to the ideal governor providing general national well-being and appealing by happy times of the past. Zyuganov's discrepancy to a substantial profile of an image of the candidate-winner proves on such parametres as activity and adaptability.

Respondents notice, that the politician is not capable to vary, is trampled down on a political arena, speaks same, clings to the post.

Conclusion: Zyuganov's Rational and unconscious estimations are as a whole consistent and complementary, the image of the politician is enough kongruenten. Possibly, it is connected with duration of existence of the given leader in the Russian political space, awareness of weights on its sights and ideological kontseptah. At unconscious level the politician is perceived stronger and active than not the rational. Despite ambiguous treatment attraktivnosti Zyuganov with the different emotional sign, many recognise the politician as a powerful figure in the Russian political validity. The image is complete, substantially filled and has specific electoral potential.

Men perceive Zyuganov more aggressive, attractive and «» at unconscious level (enc. 10). More maskulinnym and active it looks for respondents with higher education. Among youth Zyuganov is perceived as more maskulinnyj, bright, morally attractive, however "stranger", respondents of the most senior age group pay attention to its scale, the status and political views chashchee. For citizens is elderly 31 50лет more significant rational force, activity and its competitiveness as candidate is.

Estimating influence of objective factors on character of perception of Zyuganov, we will note, its perception many (even its some supporters) not as potential candidate - of the winner, and as skilled and qualified politician of the oppositionist who at all advantages possesses a set of the personal qualities mismatching a role of the president. Consideration of results of research allows to assume, that the significant part of electoral support of the candidate has in the basis desire voting not to choose the president, and to "note" the politician is better played the election campaign period the informal role, a role

«The leader of communist party».

To enough variativnym and during too time rod qualities of an image should carry political and is professional-business characteristics, besides emotional mobility perceived mental abilities of the politician and its strong-willed lines possess. Depending on subject factors of perception (especially age of respondents, their ideological self-determination), these qualities can be treated, both as attractive and as unattractive. Also for Zyuganov's perception the great value has the fact of its long stay in the Russian policy, unsuccessful attempts to win presidential election campaigns. Ageing of an image is the distinct tendency influencing growth of electoral unattractiveness of the politician. In the field of discrepancy to an ideal prototype of the candidate-winner

There are categories of an estimation respondents of the relation of the politician to own qualities, perceptions of a modern political reality, reactions to conflict situations.

Perceptions of the politician in the election campaign 2012, marked by appreciable decrease in an image of moral appeal, independence, force and activity, at increase of scale of the person, allows to say that Zyuganov is perceived as a significant figure - the carrier of political ideas alternative to dominating ideology. Prevalence in an image of unconscious force and activity over rational, probably explains, preservation of the importance of the political leader for the Russian validity, despite looked through signs of possible political defeat of the candidate, weariness from it and other adverse tendencies for electoral appeal.

As a whole in election campaign 2012года, marked, Zyuganov's increased political support in election campaign (paradoxical owing to the above-stated tendencies) it is presumably possible to explain perception of the candidate: contextual factors (the left agenda during the selective period, protest voting against party «Uniform Russia», support of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation after elections to Duma 2011г., communicative aspect of election campaign); dynamics of a substantial component of an image (increase of scale of the person at unconscious level of perception, preservation of unconscious force and activity of the politician); the general tendencies of perception during the selective period (a concentration of attention of voters on professional skills, the most significant in image of Zyuganov, estimations of an image from a position of its competitiveness and comparison to other candidates).

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