the Characteristic of an image in election campaign (January 2012г.)

Zhirinovsky's absolute visual recognition is already habitual phenomenon, it is registered in its image from the middle of 1990th the Considerable share of respondents (about every tenth), whether answering a question «this person Is familiar to you?», accompanied the positive answer expression, basically on positive emotion (a smile, laughter), that, however, did not bring a reality in an estimation of its electoral appeal.

For the last twenty years of active political activity of the leader of LDPR there were cardinal changes to its political position, that as a result led to sharp differences of electoral results him and rukovodimoj to them to party (from «triumph of 1993 at the head of LDPR – almost 23 %; to personal"failure"on presidential elections of 2000 – 2,5 %). During presidential election campaign of 2012 the number of opponents of Zhirinovsky exceeds number of its supporters, thus at the candidate steadily high antirating (84,9 %) was observed it.

At first sight Zhirinovsky's political support in many respects depends on its opinion concerning actual political questions as the important component of claims of opponents of the politician is negative estimations of its political statements, image

"Nationalist" and "populist". Another significant klasterom Zhirinovsky's opponents is the part of the Russian society, which not priemlet Zhirinovsky's "style", its manner of public behaviour, attributing it garrulity, scandalousness, shutovstvo. Respondents whom not namereny to vote for the politician on the presidential elections, belonging to both blocks specify more often in its fieriness, lightness, unpredictability. But potential

«Zhirinovsky's voters» expressly or by implication speak about it ekskljuzivnosti («only it can deduce the country on new level»).


Appeal of the politician is in many respects defined by psychological and professionally - business personal qualities (enc. 7, fig. 2.). Their combination has proved in potential imponirovanii voters of the communicative component dominating in image, in stylistic (as speaks?) and substantial (that speaks?) measurements. It imponirovanie is observed both on the threshold of elections 2012г., and on an extent more than 15 years of studying of an image of this politician. It is possible to carry impulsiveness, skill to communicate, virtuosity to the basic attractive psychological characteristics of an image. These qualities are often closely connected, according to respondents with indicators of boldness, vigour and resoluteness.

The important feature of is professional-business appeal of the politician concerns its oratorical abilities, ability brightly and accurately to express the thoughts. In representations of Russians the politician is unpredictable, does not recognise authority of contenders, thus easily

Adapts to a situation of pre-election race. Among kognitivnyh aspects to which the respondents approving political views of Zhirinovsky refer, its program and intellectual components are allocated also.

Table 3. Indicators of an image V.V. Zhirinovsky at rational level of perception

Appeal % Unattractiveness %
The external 7 The external 7
The corporal 2 The corporal 1
The psychological 36 The psychological 28
Morally-ethical 8 Morally-ethical 16
Political and business 34 Political and business 43
Force is pleasant 27 Force is not pleasant 7
Weakness is pleasant 3 Weakness is not pleasant 9
Activity is pleasant 47 Activity is not pleasant 40
Passivity is pleasant 1 Passivity is not pleasant 22

Symptomatically, that the least attractive among all qualities of the person are

Zhirinovsky's behavioural characteristics which in the given image have distinct morally - ethical colouring.

The typical answer to a question on V.V.Zhirinovsky's appeal:

«The representative of the power does not owe itself so to conduct». However, to the respondents mentioning moral appeal of an image, is characteristic to attribute a policy simplicity and clearness. Frankness and honesty of the politician are mentioned also. Appearance in image is mentioned less often and if it is mentioned it is connected with its behavioural lines. The scandalous behaviour is faster Zhirinovsky-politician's characteristic, rather than than Zhirinovsky-person. At rational level the image does not possess the big corporal fullness.

It is remarkable, that in an image of the politician unattractive qualities of all basic categories, except corporal which importance for the given image as a whole is low (tab. 3) are mentioned. Nabolshee the attention nevertheless is given political and is professional-business unattractiveness of the politician which is presented through:

Behavioural features (use of not standard lexicon, fussiness, vulgarity, klounada, excessive epatazhnost). These characteristics occupy absolute leadership in image. It is thus obvious, that long presence of the given politician at a public field has generated sensation of weariness from it at many respondents («Have got tired of it already». «All certainly is cheerful, but have got tired …»).

-Features of its political platform (a nationalist shade of sights, their instability and nepodkreplennost in the real policy of the leader);

-Degree of independence of an image («it is dependent on the operating power», «dances under a pipe of the Kremlin»);

Some respondents pay attention to internal "conflict" kognitivnoj (program) and representative (publicly-behavioural) component of an image of V.V.Zhirinovsky. It is underlined, that rationality and validity of its sights discords with a manner of their statement, aspiration to finish sensible political ideas to extreme forms of expression. («In presidents it nothing clowns. Though the muzhik and clever. I am afraid, that at it we will be got involved in pair-three conflicts». «Speaks often correct things, there is a sense, but behaves awfully, bends often»).

Among the most widespread unattractive morally-ethical lines there was a roughness, falsity and aggression, the conflictness, irascibility, fieriness, sharpness concerned the most popular psychological unattractive qualities in judgements. Significantly that the behavioural qualities treated with a negative emotional sign often, being in connection with professional qualities of Zhirinovsky, have in the basis moral unattractiveness (the similar tendency is observed in image of Putin, political failures which its opponents explain not is professional-psychological, but by morally-ethical lacks).

At rational level of perception the image of Zhirinovsky differs high indicators of force as attractive characteristic (27 %) and extremely rassoglasovannymi activity indicators. A considerable quantity of respondents attribute to the candidate activity, however treat it with a different emotional sign (47 % answering name Zhirinovsky's activity attractive line, and 40 % - unattractive), thus a significant amount interrogated attribute a policy passivity.

V.V.Zhirinovsky's motivational profile is debalanced enough (enc. 7, fig. 4). The respondents considering, that the power is necessary to Zhirinovsky for material enrichment ("profit",

"Money") notices, that its political activity represents original "business". The second and third motive on popularity («the power is necessary for the sake of ambitions» and «the power is necessary for the sake of the power») is attributed by respondents because of an estimation of psychological features of the person of the politician.


Appeal of the politician at unconscious level (however, as well as on rational) is inconsistent enough. To an image the equal parity of associations with attractive and unattractive animals in a combination to prevalence of associations to sharp and unpleasant smells (enc. 7, fig. 12) is specific. Besides, at unconscious level the motivational profile of the politician also is washed away enough (enc. 7, fig. 11). The greatest quantity of respondents allocate Zhirinovsky with qualities of the servant, at frequent attributing of its activity of imitating character («a tiger in a zoo», a dog who «barks, and the caravan goes»). Obviously, such associative array is connected with long political career of the politician, some recession

V.V.Zhirinovsky's activity in comparison with its epoch of "a political youth» (1990th), and also with opinion of some respondents about its political independence. Attracts attention the met powerful share of associations with "monkeys" ("animals" "traditional" for Zhirinovsky). It once again underlines, as at irrational level respondents fix "lightness" of the leader of LDPR, its bent for of show, to political buffoonery, grotesque forms of expression of own opinion.

Criteria of force and activity in image of Zhirinovsky are closely bound and connected with attributing to the politician of vigour and a self-trust. Significant the fact of presence at associations strong, large, but nonaggressive, slow animals who, are considered mainly as a victim here is.

Drawing 5. Indicators of associations of V.V. Zhirinovsky with animals on scale parametre (January 2012)

50 45



30 25




Drawing 6. Activity indicators in V.V.Zhirinovsky's associations with animals (January 2012)











Large animals

Average animals

Small animals

Aggressive animals nonaggressive


Lower activity of the politician at unconscious level, than on the rational proves and in prevalence of associations with bright, but cold and complementary colours (enc. 7, fig. 14,15,18). It can testify that public activity, the emotionality, Zhirinovsky's expressive rhetoric is marked by respondents, however is not perceived by them as something sincere and natural. It, more likely, are interpreted as the mechanical learnt model of behaviour, a part of the developed image, tactics bringing political dividends. Zhirinovsky's perception also is enough steriotipizirovano, the leader of LDPR associates mainly with

"Party" dark blue colour.

Force, activity, maskulinnost, the imperious motive and moral appeal to Zhirinovsky is attributed more often by men of middle age (enc. 10). The senior generation concern Vladimir Volfovichu more negatively, among them it is more those who consider as its weak puppet in another's hands. Thus respondents with higher education perceive the politician

As more significant appreciable political figure, active enough, arrogant, psychologically attractive.

Conclusion: It is possible to ascertain, that realised and irrational aspects of an image of V.V.Zhirinovsky appreciably coincide, more precisely, discrepancy of separate parametres of an image (appeal and a motivational profile) coincides. Being based on results of research, it is possible to assume, that the leading tendency of political consciousness of the Russian citizens in the relation to Zhirinovsky is (to some extent) the aversion reflected and at rational level (in bolshej degrees aversion of behavioural style), and at not realised level (mistrust to strong enough politician with not clear motivation). Rod, it is possible to name most clearly expressed qualities of an image psychological and professionally - business characteristics. Thus if external and psychological lines of the candidate professional features are concern unequivocally treated characteristics faster variativnym. Variability of perception of attractive qualities of the candidate in many respects leans against specificity of an estimation of fullness of its image (enc. 6, fig. 4).

In the Russian political consciousness of citizens Zhirinovsky associates, more likely, with certain stylistic characteristics (extravagance, behavioural aggression, a super-emotionality), not supported "kognitivnym" the base. («Is not present, I consider as its clown, its sights, as it the clown») do not interest.

Respondents estimate personal potential of the politician as in many respects corresponding to requirements to the potential candidate, lidersky Zhirinovsky's potential take into consideration. However, propensity of the politician to opposition during election campaign, its rhetoric, scandalous behaviour, give to respondents of the basis to compare its image with ideal konstruktom more likely the candidate-contender rather than the candidate of the potential winner. Attributing to the politician of absence of accurate ideals and motivations, temporalnye features of its perception, its orientation is more on struggle against use of behavioural models, not soglasujushchihsja with moral specificity ideal konstrukta, allow to speak about discrepancy of indicators of an image of Zhirinovsky and an image of the ideal president (enc. 8, fig. 7-8). The low importance of moral qualities in image allows to assume, that the politician to a lesser degree compare with ideal konstruktami, besides, nesoglasovan an image of the politician and concerning characteristics of the potential candidate-winner, met to us in the designed fantastic plots. Possibly, in V.V.Zhirinovsky's perception its objective role in political process is important more likely. In this case it is possible to speak about a role of the known political media person, bringing a variety in electoral struggle, but not having potential to win selective race. It explains the fact of that the major in image Zhirinovsky

Its psychological personal lines and the professional qualities connected with public activity are.

After 2011 appreciable decrease in force and activity of the politician and if in election campaign of 2012 Zhirinovsky could be characterised as strong and active politician by December 2012г is observed. The given thesis does not prove to be true. Discrepancy in perception of the person of the leader of LDPR and negative shades of its perception, determines the high importance for the given image of situational electoral support. Voting pro or

Contra Zhirinovsky be frequent can the electoral field of modern Russia caused by specificity its macro-political context. So, for example, the politician is considerably subject to the general tendencies of perception in election campaign: to increase of intensity of an estimation from positions of professional skills and political views, (January 2012 increases both number of supporters and number of opponents of the candidate), to increase of the importance of moral qualities (by criterion the politician-society), to increase of the importance of competitiveness and motives of the power and business.

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