the Image of the candidate - of the winner in election campaign:the analysis the designed fantastic plots

Following the results of the analysis of the basic characters of the plots allocated during research a number of conclusions has been made:

1. Influence of a political context of election campaign on perception of the political leader so for example, in a situation of a considerable quantity of different political subjects, or, on the contrary, at their full absence, the sensation of uncertainty and uneasiness promotes increase of importance of a role of the political leader in a selective situation is great enough.

Not seldom meeting plots with situations of uncontested elections (with one candidate) displays a problem of perception citizens of potentially strong political actors in the Russian political space and institute of elections as that. Revealing in plots of several types of the candidates-winners anyhow connected with political elite (types "Receiver", "Protege", sometimes and the Candidate uncontested) brightly illustrates in consciousness of Russians, however, it is necessary to consider idea of continuity and that fact, that in the uncontested selective situation, the given communication is treated by respondents exclusively negatively.

2. According to plots, the candidate-winner never initially corresponds to the offered ideal prototype. At the best, on a plot course there is a genesis of the candidate-character and its accession in the conclusion, to acquisition of the basic attributes of the ideal leader, in the worst, it is possible to speak about an essential mismatch of these categories. We will allocate the basic lines of discrepancy:

the Candidate-winner not always differs high indicators of force, but it, as a rule, is very active and initiative, that is not peculiar to the ideal governor to whom force and passivity are characteristic more likely. Besides moral appeal of the candidate-winner is not always obvious, whereas it is a kernel of an image of the ideal governor.

the Ideal governor always follows the uniform moral law, and the candidate - the winner can and not submit to any laws at all, or it can bear own system of values, circumvent to the accepted game rules, besides, in plots such tactics moves as is unique true, necessary for a victory more often.

In a fantastic plot the candidate is faster the person connected, anyhow, with collective, and the ideal governor do not estimate, as person in general, its characteristic completely leans against it lidersky the status.

If the ideal governor is the spokesman of general interests the candidate - the winner initially represents interests group, ability to aggregate and other public interests raise subsequently its electoral appeal. Communication of the candidate-winner with the higher forces is not obvious. Unless only its inexplicable harizmatichnost is the precondition to that the character has a potential to representation

The higher forces in the world terrestrial. Influence of the world supernatural for its image is limited in a plot to the granted magic assistants, or intervention of the higher forces in case of excessive zlokoznennosti separate characters - of contenders with their subsequent punishment.

the Ideal governor is not capable to the forecast, to it adaptability that distinguishes it from an image of the candidate-winner for which ability to be guided in conditions, to adapt and actively is not characteristic to react to external and internal calls, is necessity.

3. It is conditionally possible to allocate two subject models, connected with the candidate – the winner:

The-plot develops through rivalry of candidates between itself;

The-plot develops through transformation of an image of the candidate of the winner, occurring in the course of overcoming by the hero of difficulties;

In the conditions of rivalry, the candidate-winner is the figure with steady positive function, but thus it is capable to take up and changeable negative function, thereby being an original intermediate link between categories of the ideal governor and the people.

The functional duality is shown, for example, in the course of rivalry. The hero is compelled to win and solve a public problem for what he or its assistants are compelled to operate "negatively" in relation to "Enemy" or "Contender". It is specific, that thus the character creates a new situation, gets additional values, transforming an own image.

Ability to win political strike leans first of all against activity of the candidate (enc. 5, the scheme 1). In the course of rivalry deceit use does not attribute to an image cowardice or hypocrisy more often, the candidate wins stronger opponent the superiority of the mind. Keenness only raises appeal of an image. As cunning is the tool of a victory weak over strong it is frequently attributed to candidates from the people, to spokesmen of will oppressed, weak and suffering from an imperious arbitrariness.

In a case if the respondent attributes the candidate-winner love to the people this line of an image defines all its other qualities. The hero does not have any "private life" out of service to a society, and this service of the character deeply conscious.

The claim of the candidate-winner for the status of the spokesman of general interests is explainable that the head of the state representing interests not of all people, and only political group, let even recognised, is not the autocrat, and only the representative of political elite in the opinion of respondents.

Considering vyvjalennuju as a result of the analysis of materials in a fantastic plot (enc. 5, the scheme 2), it is possible to speak an alignment of forces about the high importance for respondents of a question of mutual relations of the candidate with a society and interrelations of the candidate with the post intended to it. It

Confirms and the developed universal model of transformation of an image of the candidate-winner, underlining the high importance of communicative skills of the politician in pre-election race (enc. 5, the scheme 1.)

Among the most distinct characteristics of images of the lost candidates were: a lack or preizbytok forces, moral unattractiveness, installation "stranger". The image of the candidate - of the contender is perceived through the candidate-winner and character of its mutual relation with it. The Direct communication between weights and the contender does not exist, unlike potential vsenarodnosti the winner, the contender is often represented by the spokesman of interests uzkogruppovyh (frequently an exclusive part of a society).

In fantastic plots of transformation of an image of the candidate-winner at the expense of change of psychological and motivational qualities, occur not in the course of election campaign, and on the threshold of it. The image varies, getting qualities roles of the politician necessary for conformity and the candidate, then during election campaign the image starts to correspond to a role of the candidate - of the winner. Important that, at reception of a post an image of the character in representations of respondents as it is transformed (enc. 5 scheme 1). Increase of force of an image of the candidate important, but force is necessary to an image not as that, and for reception of the political experience necessary for accession. It is important not only the force stock, but also possession of way of its application, therefore at transformation of an image occurs change of parametres and is professional-business characteristics. The emotional sign on the relation to the politician is defined by that, on what force of an image is directed, that is value has a motivational profile of the hero.

According to universal model of transformation of an image of the candidate-winner in a plot, it is possible to make the assumption, that some characteristics are defining for conformity of the character to different roles (a policy, the candidate, the candidate-winner, its contender, the governor). Certainly, thus it is impossible to reject categorically importance and other qualities of an image as electoral appeal of the politician depends on a complex of attractive personal qualities and other factors.

4. Representations about the candidate for election campaign have been in many respects caused by character of the image the respondent of a society and a selective situation in whom it operates.

Quite often there were examples of the image of "initially safe", "ideal" society. As a rule, at it there is a steady division on socially-occupation characteristics. Each citizen takes the place, interrelation with the power, carries out the role taken away to it. Even the most insignificant character is not torn off from the governor. A society with the similar characteristic in plots have not numerous political top. Here rigidly built vertical of the power leaning against system sopodchinenija of members of a society is characteristic. Owing to that such social structure in an outset is represented by something firm, introduction

Institute of elections it is treated by the author often as dezorganizujushee the phenomenon loosening political system. Parliamentary elections bring chaos and confusion in a society, and presidential deduce on the foreground of political subjects which according to hierarchy do not concern to possessing the right to apply for the power.

In the absence of society idealisation in plots by the moment of elections, became ripe acute problems, according to the analysis the most widespread among them were:

O threat of disintegration of a society because of internal contentions. Under condition of presence of the basic actors-representatives of different groups of interests, the intergroup conflict has more likely a political basis, or bears in itself a problem of national-specific discrimination.

O a question of insufficient political participation of the weights consisting in imbalance of mutual relations of the power and the people.

O the economic stratification of a society plunging weights in a condition of a passive dissatisfaction, political apathy expressed in refusal of political participation.

The estimation temporalnogo aspect of election campaign in plots allows to speak about presence of specific communication of the pre-election slogans focused on the future, and forming of image of the politician in a binding with governors of the past. It is explainable mifologizatsiej the leader who is allocated with communication inaccessible to usual people with the past.

The revealed mismatch of characteristics of prototypes of the ideal president and the candidate - of the winner, confirms necessity of comparison both konstruktov with real political leaders for consideration of importance of the politiko-cultural factor in the course of perception. The results received in the course of research of political prototypes, have been defined, how significant enough for consideration of features of perception of candidates of presidential election campaign of 2012.

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