the Image of the ideal president (governor): the analysis of materialsof interview and the designed fantastic plots

The interviews spent for the purpose of studying of an image of the ideal president on the rational

Perception level, have allowed to make a number of conclusions about its formation. Some is fixed antinomija designing of an image of the ideal president in mass consciousness.

Presence of mutually exclusive characteristics, for example, a number of contradictions in inquiry of respondents about administrative qualities of the ideal president, in requirements to it by criteria of the relation to changes and ability to innovations is registered. On the one hand, respondents wish to see in the politician resoluteness and ability to be beyond rules, ability to create new ideas (line of initiative style), and with another, such conservative lines as - fidelity to business actively support, ability to expect circumstance, endurance, attentiveness, tolerance. In requirements of respondents to style of work of the politician with subordinates adherence to a democratic way (attraction of colleagues to decision-making process) prevails and at the same time authoritative methods of orders and the instructions are considered as the most effective, some lines of one style are actively supported, and some as are actively rejected.

The comparison, the received materials of interview to results early the spent researches presented in the theoretical chapter, allows to speak about transformation of an image of the ideal president. If to the middle of 2011 distinct demand for so-called politicians of the managers, not differing by charisma, but providing a rational management of a competent command of professionals results of research of 2012 register, that not only is professional-business is observed, but also moral qualities prevail in

Image of the ideal president (enc. 4, ris1-3). Change of mass moods has made recently actual such characteristics as honesty of the politician, an openness of its actions, responsibility for them. Besides the obligatory requirement of professionalism at rational level of perception the installation expressed pending from the politician of guardianship, attention, care, love, interest to people life began to be looked through more distinctly paternalistskaja.

Let's allocate most often meeting characteristics of an attractive profile of an image of the ideal president. Respondents first of all carry to them: appeal, presentableness; Russian nationality, the marital status (it is married, with children); patriotism, severity, justice, honesty; mental abilities, a self-trust, strong-willed qualities; erudition, upholding of national interests and struggle against corruption, confidence of the actions;

Distinct prevalence of the importance of psychological moral and is professional-business characteristics at rational level of perception is observed. Possibly, the combination of moral, psychological and business qualities forms a kernel of an image of the ideal political leader which remains steady enough throughout many years, only degree of expressiveness of separate characteristics in due course varies. Significant categories of an image of the ideal president are force and activity. It is remarkable, that about 10 % of respondents as the ideal politician see not simply strong, and rigid, authoritative, tiranichnogo the leader.

Having considered an image of the ideal governor in fantastic plots, there was a possibility to note a number of not realised features of the given prototype, that is to consider at unconscious level its maintenance.

The character of the ideal governor almost always appeared in fantastic plots, illustrating idea of an incredibility of absence in a life of the imperious beginning personified by the politician in mass consciousness.

Unlike rational, at unconscious level of perception the ideal governor, in any case, possesses a steady morally-ethical kernel, also it differs high indicators of force, but not activity, more often it is passive, presumably it is connected with sakralnostju the authorities in consciousness of Russians. The governor does not carry out any actions, it funktsional is limited, delivery of tasks to the subordinates, compensation for the executed business or punishment for an error. Nadsotsialnyj the status allows it to represent itself as a conductor of the higher will and simultaneously the respondent before it for well-being of the people. In a case if the governor mismatches the above-stated requirements, it can lose the post. For example, if he does not listen to council Magic assistant loses the force.

Unlike a prototype of the candidate-winner, the ideal governor is not capable to the forecast, all innovative ideas proceed more often from minor characters, the Magic assistant, "Wise man" or "Enemy" – inherently, retronsljatorov public requirements or

Commands of the higher forces (enc. 5, схема.2). If the governor also initiates innovations itself their main reason is the boredom.

The ideal governor do not estimate as the person, its characteristic completely leans on lidersky the status. It is no wonder, that loss of force and ability of the control of events inevitably lead the ideal governor to overthrow or death (in the given situation it is scenarios equivalent). It not a rare variant of succession of events as to the governor adaptability is not characteristic. It never changes the political representations, therefore change of socially - ideological inquiry affects it perniciously. Its board in perception should last eternally, therefore after death or force loss, the ideal leader does not leave the proclaimed receiver, but often receiver/follower is in a potentiality. The death of the ideal governor in a fantastic plot also confirms mythological geroichnost the governor. After death of the predecessor it is possible to name accession of the receiver original way legitimatsii respondents of the power in a plot. It, as a matter of fact, the processed variant of ritual death with the subsequent revival of the governor. A variant keeping in idea of continuity of the power, eternity and conservatism, but adapted under modern Russian realities with their ideological pluralism and selectivity.

Support ideal in fantastic plots is obligatory, but it is not always absolute, respondents recognise possibility of existence of opposition even at the best politician.

Because respondents represent the people in certain degree defenceless to an imperious arbitrariness, often through line mentions following by the governor to the uniform moral law which embodiment it and is. Thereby, the leader though occupies special position, in perception of respondents it is a part of the society living by uniform rules, thus, however, one of the important characteristics of the ideal governor is its inaccessibility that does not harm to its authority, and promotes bolshej to idealisation more likely. The Supreme governor – the major instance which defines destiny of conflicting parties. The major requirement to it is readiness to make of the decision, to bear responsibility for them and to be guided by a justice principle.

The relation of the ideal leader with the people in plots are inconsistent enough, it is mentioned both democratic, and the authoritative type of a management, sometimes the ideal president does not listen to national requirements, but he is always careful and interested in interests of citizens. Near to it often represent the true assistant, a wise man-adviser who can add an image with missing attractive characteristics.

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