Постановка problems and an urgency исследования

Now the childhood analysis in system of its diverse communications with the world is characterised, first, by change of the social status of the child in a society, secondly, all increasing rupture between riches of the empirical facts about the child within the limits of naturally - scientific and humanitarian disciplines and absence of the general methodological approach to the childhood analysis as developing phenomenon in culture and a society Necessity of interdisciplinary studying of the childhood as special psiho-sotsio-cultural reality, creation of a complete panorama of representations

0 laws of formation of the person of the child in a society, it was underlined by such visible scientists as R Zazzo, With Moskovichi, And In Petrovsky, D And Feldshtejnom, R Harre, D Elkoninym, E Ericson and others Such understanding of the childhood which is not holding in narrow frameworks laboratory eks-perimentatiki, leads to increase in a stream of researches on ecological psychology of development of the child [Bronfenbrenner U, 1974, Bronfenbrenner At, 1976, Burmensky G In and dr, 1986, Obuhova L F. 1995], on childhood ethnography [Mid M, 1988, childhood Ethnography, 1983, 1998], on childhood sociology [Sobkin In With, 1997], childhood ecology [Sirs In And, 1996] and others

However direct imposing of the conceptual device of different disciplines against each other as the science history shows, seldom leads to original success For the successful decision of a problem of interdisciplinary synthesis the reference to system-scientific methodology [Yudin E G is required, 1997] In domestic psychology association of special disciplines is carried out through is concrete-scientific methodology of the general psychology [Ananev G, 1980, Experts-piers And G, 1996, Hems In In, 1996, CHuirikova N And, 1997 and dr]

Similarly kopernikanskoj to the logician in XVI in, conflicted to system Ptolemeja, the science and a society in XX in have faced a reality of change of a paradigm in research practice — with "vzroslotsentrizma" on "detotsentrizm" Necessity of working out of new turn for system of knowledge and a new subject, as a rule, is caused by occurrence of the paradoxes connected, or with accumulation of the new facts which are not keeping within within the limits of the theory, or with occurrence of cardinal contradictions in the theory Such paradoxes and contradictions in childhood realities is, in our opinion, the following

·demokratizatsija a children's life, expansion of freedom of the child And ograniyochenie (especially in the big cities) spaces of children's ability to live, actual deprivation of an inalienable law of the child on game ' [Dolto F, 1997, Drapkin 3,1988, Zaharov And And, 1997]

1 In the big Russian cities at modern children almost does not remain court yard - «spaces of a life with freedom air» (Okudzhava), and in a countryside - game village fences According to children's psychiatrists and psychotherapists, it has affected growth of neurosises, mental diseases and deviantnosti, from children have taken away game court yard and then they had to occupy attics and cellars

·tsennost children and marriage, a family life «for the sake of children» And sharp decrease in the birth rate, the realised celibacy [Vishnevsky AG, 1978, Smartly VV, 1985, Mironov N, 1977]

·povyshenie last decade a standard of living of the child And decrease in its quality of a life (subjective psiho - emotional and spiritual blagoyopoluchija the child, especially in Russia) [Position of children in Russia, 1993, Gun-gifts And And, 1997, Florensky T And, 1997]

·infantitsid as detootverzhenie, detoubijstvo in forms of refusal from zdoyorovyh children And growing adoptsija (adoption / udocherenie) another's children, including children - of invalids [Children of Russia violence and protection, 1997, Scarr, S and Weinberg, R A, 1983]

These and other paradoxes in childhood sphere, including economic, juridiyocheskie, the political and social reasons, have very essential psychological component and are signals to reconsideration of the subject of scientific studying of the child, both in psychology, and in adjacent sciences with it

The urgency of the given research is defined by that exclusively drayomatichnoj a picture in various spheres of the childhood today and all the becoming complicated problems of education facing to a modern society These problems rise as a humanitarian problem of increase of psychological and spiritually-moral health of rising generation, harmonisation vnugrise-mejnyh communications, a humanisation of ability to live of children's communities and t p the Social situation of development of the child on a boundary of the third millenium requires scientific comprehension and forecasting of prospects of development of the childhood that demands concentration of efforts of all who is responsible for its normalisation of professional tutors and parents, researchers of the child and experts various orientations, especially children's psychologists, teachers, psychotherapists, social workers

Special urgency for the theory and education practice gets izuyochenie phenomena of the children's subculture, allowing to understand traditional forms and ways of regulation of relations in children's groups and as soderzhayotelnye their transformations in the children's environment last decades SovreYOmennye the children's communities, spontaneously arising children's and youth groupings having both traditional forms of self-expression, and unknown persons before the form and sphere of joint activity (for example, so-called "tolkinisty", "hackers", "skinheads" and dr), even more often accept kontr - cultural and asotsialnuju the orientation, besides, disturbing growth of teenage criminality and children's cruelty, criminalisation of children's consciousness, language and a life demand the reference to the analysis of genesis of relations of the child and laws of their formation in social groups [Bashkatov IP, 1993, Lishin OV, 1997, Kondratyev МЮД994, Pies In F, 1994, Rozin M In, Mazurova And And, 1995, Sturova M

P, 1998, and dr] From here statement carried out in work and the experimental decision of a problem of an origin and development of humane relations in the childhood which contains an orientation on disclosing tsennosgnyh communications of the child with the world and the characteristic him as beings socially-genetic, requires special illumination.

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A source: ABRAMENKOVA Vera Vasilyevna.
Genesis of relations of the child in social psychology of the childhood. ` the dissertation author's abstract on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of psychological sciences. Moscow -. 2000

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