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Work is the first generalised research of a life of the Voronezh parish clergy. For the first time level of financial security of parish clergy of the Voronezh diocese in second half XIX - the XX-th century beginning is analysed.
The share of the basic sources in formation of incomes of orthodox clergymen is considered. It was possible to reveal characteristic difficulties with which it is sacred-clergymen faced in the course of reception of incomes. On the basis of materials of diocesan sheets the basic approaches of clergy to formation emeriturnoj cash desks are presented.

1. The relation of parish clergymen to the legal status is revealed. On an example of the Voronezh clergy it is shown, how the secular and initial has begun were crossed in the legislation of Russian empire, frequently contradicting each other and by that entering mess in church pravoprimenitelnuju to practice.

2. For the first time on the basis of a significant amount of sermons the position of the Voronezh parish clergy on variety of socially significant events of considered time is analysed. The subjects in sermons are investigated obshchestvennopoliticheskaja are sacred-clergymen. [97]

3. Degree of participation of parish clergy of the Voronezh diocese in revolutionary events is investigated 1905-1907 Is shown, that, despite of the progovernmental position of the majority of the clergymen, some is sacred - clergymen accepted the most active participation in underground movement. Ecclesiastics not only acted with antigovernmental sermons, but also personally organised secret mugs, calling the adherents to change of a political system in Russia.

4. For the first time attempt to analyse level of erudition of parish clergy of the Voronezh diocese has been undertaken. The system of spiritual educational institutions of province, character of teaching of the basic subjects, a class accessory of pupils of seminary and spiritual schools is studied.

5. On the basis of archival materials the history of student's excitements in the Voronezh theological seminary is reconstructed. The reasons which have led to display of discontent by pupils from spiritual estate are considered. The basic requirements of seminarists to educational institution administration are found out, and also measures svjashchennonachalija to the termination of excitements in a spiritual educational institution are analysed.

6. Activity of the Voronezh parish clergy on distribution among the population of province of education by means of opening of tserkovno-parish schools and reading and writing schools is investigated. Missionary work of clergymen of a diocese on struggle against sects, split and flase doctrines, and also efforts of clerics on eradication of such social defect, as drunkenness is studied.

7. For the first time the relation of parish clergy of the Voronezh diocese to State Duma work is studied. On materials of verbatim records all speeches said by the Voronezh deputies - by priests in the course of sessions of a representative body of the power are analysed. Are considered and presented in the form of the separate table all zakonopredlozhenija, signed by the Voronezh deputies from clergy.

8. On the basis of certificates of parish priests and the Voronezh bishops religious-moral atmosphere in province in second half XIX - the XX-th century beginning is characterised.

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