The Russian state historical archive

F. 549 (an administrative office of grand duke Nikolay Mihajlovicha).

F. 821 (department of spiritual affairs of foreign confessions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs).


889 (Ardashevy).

F. 1162 (the state office).

F. 1343 (department geroldii Pravitelstvujushchego the Senate). F. 1405 (Ministry of Justice).

Department of manuscripts of Russian national library F. 152 (K.A.Voensky). F. 874 (S.N.Shubinsky).

The Russian state archive of the literature and art F. 437 (V.I.Sajtov).

The state archive of Russian Federation F. 670 (Grand duke Nikolay Mihajlovich).

State Literary museum F. 230 (N. P.Chulkov).

The Russian state archive of ancient certificates

F. 337 (office of the Moscow archive of the Ministry of Justice).

Department of manuscripts of Russian state library F. 751.

Department of written sources of State historical museum F. 17 (Uvarovyh).

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A source: Shilov Denis Nikolaevich. "Russian necropolis" Grand duke Nikolay Mihajlovicha: the creation History, the neopublished materials and problems of their studying and the edition. 2004


  1. 1.2. Archival materials
  2. Archival materials
  3. Archival sources
  4. Archival sources 8.1.
  5. Archival materials and documents the State archive of the Voronezh area (GAVO)
  6. APPENDICES. The appendix of 1 Request to zajavochnym to the documents represented in Moskomzajm on competition of investments the List of documents, represented by the Applicant for registration of the demand for competition of financing from funds ofurban bonded loans:
  7. the Appendix 15 - the Photos of confidential employees revealed in Archival fund of the Russian Federation
  8. Pension funds
  9. 4. Classification of funds
  10. 1 Archival materials the Center of storage of affairs of personal meetings of Moscow (TSHDLSM). F. 202. Michael Osipovich Menshikov. Op. 1
  11. 1. Concept and classification of the state off-budget funds
  12. Classification of funds spend and depending on structure of actives entering into them.
  13. 2. Features of legal regulation of incomes of the public funds which are in a private property
  14. 2.2. Directions of an expenditure of budgetary funds of the European Union
  15. 3. Legal regulation of activity of share investment funds in Russia
  16. 1.2. The concept and kinds of share investment funds
  17. 1.1Economic-social bases of occurrence and activity of share investment funds in the Russian Federation
  18. Call for funds of consumers.
  19. structure, classification of assets of not state pension funds