the Positions which are taken out on protection

the Material condition of the majority of the parish it was sacred-tserkovno - attendants of the Voronezh diocese the unsatisfactory. It was one of the reasons of crisis of spiritual estate that was expressed in unwillingness of graduates of seminaries to go in the footsteps of the fathers, to devote the life to church service.

1. Pension security of the Voronezh parish clergy had obviously insufficient character. The sums which are released from means of the Most holy Synod, covered requirements of a small part of clergymen and their families. Own initiatives on creation emeriturnoj cash desk did not bring prospective result in view of unwillingness and fear of priests to trade in a part from the not numerous incomes of the future payments.

2. The spiritual estate was closed. During Alexander's church reform II government has made an attempt overcomings of this isolation. However, as has set an example the Voronezh diocese, anything essential to make it was not possible. The spiritual estate was closed not owing to legislative restrictions, and because of the social features inherent in the way of life is sacred-clergymen.

3. The parish clergy of the Voronezh diocese has brought the considerable contribution to business of increase of national education and distribution among peasants of education. Contrary to absence of serious state support, clergymen indefatigably worked on an education field, in a considerable quantity opening tserkovno-parish schools and reading and writing schools.

4. During considered time dynamics of use of political themes in sermons of the Voronezh parish priests has considerably amplified. Despite existence of strict initial restrictions, clerics it is live reacted to the most topical events of a political life of the country. The majority of pastors adhered to an official position in interpretation of socially significant events, but some of them dared to state own, not always coinciding with opinion of the majority sights.

5. Revolution has visually shown 1905-1907, that among Voronezh svja - shchenno-clergymen there were those who accepted the most active speed up in antigovernmental performances. However the majority of ecclesiastics led by archbishop Anastas (Dobradinym) has acted on the government party, calling the parishioners not to give in on provocation of rebels. The sons of clerics trained in a theological seminary, quite often fell under influence of an environment and actively participated in revolutionary movement, pushing to it and all other studying youth of Voronezh. Social isolation, material difficulties caused feeling of the protest which was pouring out in illegal performances with application of the weapon in seminarists. Despite diligence of administration of spiritual school to overcome developed situation and it was not possible.

6. The elite from the Voronezh province in all convocations of the Duma (except the second) clerics considered necessary to use a representative body of the power for protection of interests of church and Orthodoxy. However, as it has appeared in practice, to opinion of ecclesiastics practically nobody listened.

7. In a religious-moral condition of the population of the Voronezh province certain changes were observed. The Sociopolitical processes occurring in second half XIX - the XX-th century beginning in the country, influenced orthodox flock. Religious indifference, disrespect to a relic were shown even more often. Clerics marked become frequent cases of theft from churches, captures prichtovyh allotments peasants. Revolution was 1905-1907 a powerful push to gradual falling of authority of church among the simple country population.

The scientific and practical importance of research is expressed that the data presented to dissertations and conclusions allow to reproduce for the first time full enough picture of a life of parish clergy of the Voronezh diocese in second half XIX - the XX-th century beginning. The given researches can be used at the further studying of the past of the Voronezh diocese, and also at creation of generalising courses and manuals on history of Russian orthodox church. Dissertation materials will be useful and at creation of special courses on history of spiritual estate in Russia both in secular, and in spiritual educational institutions.

Approbation of results of research. Work was discussed on faculty meetings of history of Russia historical faculty FGBOU VPO Voronezh state university. Besides, substantive provisions have been reflected in reports in 6 scientific conferences (one of them passed in Moscow, five - in Voronezh), and also published in 1 monography and 11 publications (including in 5 of list VAK), total amount 24,5 buses of sheet.

Dissertation structure. The dissertation consists of the introduction, three heads, the conclusion, the list of sources and the literature and 7 appendices.

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