Urgency of a theme of research. Studying of local texts causes now considerable interest. Many literary critics address to researches of an image of a place, local literature, the provincial literature.

It is obvious, that the "capital" text originally is represented more sated, rather than the text "provincial". However in due course the researches devoted to provincial texts, get the increasing value. The attention of philologists involves also the Tver text; the first steps in its studying are already made [1]. Steady interest to research of loci, including Tver (the certificate to it can serve, for example, bologovskie expeditions of the St.-Petersburg researchers [2]) becomes a consequence general tekstualizatsii spaces. The present work is continuation of the given line of researches and is devoted «kimrskomu to the text».

Kimry — a city in the Tver area with the population about 50 thousand persons. The first mention of it is dated 1546 Thanks to relative affinity to Moscow (130 km) and an arrangement on coast of the rivers Volga and Kimrka, the village, and subsequently a city, repeatedly arose in travelling notes. In many products the major local craft — shoe manufacture is mentioned also.

Researches of local texts are actual at once in several aspects. When the attention is concentrated to regions and their border points, the perception of a literary work changes (in connection with local realities), are specified not clear before a detail: «the Understanding of a locus (a city, territory, edge) as text substantially represents essentially new, territorial, aspect of historico-literary process» [3]. « The Kimrsky text »is important not only because local texts — one of actual problems of literary criticism. Certainly, Kimry and« kimrsky the text »in history of Russia and the Russian literature periferijny. It proves to be true already that the cumulative quantity of texts-sources is rather insignificant. However Kimry, anyhow, was reflected in V.N.Tatischev, N.A.Nekrasov, A.P.Chekhov, A.N.Ostrovsky, T.Gote, M.E.Saltykova-ShChedrina, V.A.Giljarovskogo, S.P.podjacheva, I.G.Erenburg, A.N.Tolstoy, M.M.Prishvina, B.N.field, F.I.Panferov, A.A.Fadeeva, V.A.Kostrova, A.A.Voznesensky, O.E.Mandelshtama, N.J.Mandelshtam, J.V.Trifonova, A.N.Rybakova, A.I.Solzhenitsyna, B.A.Akhmadullina, J.M.poljakova, L.A.Anninsky, N.P.Krasnovoj's creativity, etc., therefore it is expedient to study this extensive and
Diverse material. The reference to a regional component of the literature gets special value in connection with the globalisation process which consequence is replacement of national cultures in favour of the popular international cultural phenomena that leads to crisis of national identification.

In research stages of creation of an image of a place are considered and analyzed. Are considered geographical (Kimry is located on coast of the rivers; division into areas, etc.), industrial (in particular, development of a shoe craft) and other features of a life the villages/cities which have found reflexion in texts is original. On their basis attempt to build system of the structural and substantial features forming a local image becomes.

During the description the most representative were allocated (shoe business, fairs, a wooden modernist style, etc.) segments of an image the places interpreted in works of art; "kimrskie" texts are considered from the moment of the first mention of Kimry (XVI century) till now.

Research main objectives — to study «kimrsky the text» as a way reprezentatsii territories (1), to allocate distinctive lines (2) characterising it, to consider the cultural and historical life of a locus (3) reflected in texts. At studying of the local biography (the period, in which course of life of the writer it was crossed with Kimry) it is necessary to show, how the city is connected with destinies of those or other writers. In research three aspects of this theme are mentioned: "from within" — biographies of significant writers, the most part of a life spent to Kimry, in our case it is M.A.Rybakov and S.I.Petrov; "from the outside" — biographies of authors, rather short time lived in Kimry: O.E.Mandelshtam and M.M.Bakhtin; « From the party »— biographies of the people connected with Kimry are faster the case of myths, than a corpus: A.A.Fadeev and B.A.Akhmadullina (4). Combining the developed descriptions and biographic microplots, we can make essential additions to methodology of studying of local texts.

On the basis of the purposes research problems are defined — to collect (1) and to describe (2) greatest possible corpus, devoted to Kimry, and also to add a cultural context with the most significant biographies of the writers directly connected with Kimry (3); to enter into a scientific turn new, considerable (let and in regional scale) names (4). So, in the dissertation the life and S.I.Petrov's who was lost in the first months of the Great Patriotic War creativity are studied.

Degree of a readiness of a problem. The image of a place as literaturnoyoistorichesky a phenomenon was showed for the first time in English-speaking researches of first half of XX-th century [4]. The research structure follows the model set in the monography of A.J.Sorochana, devoted to "the Tver text»: gathering and the description of sources (1), their embedding in national-cultural

Wednesday (2), generalisation of the collected material simultaneously with reconstruction of an image (3) and search of relationships of cause and effect in the received image (4 [5].

In domestic practice tekstualizatsija spaces has begun with revealing of the Petersburg text (in 1973) V.N.Toporovym. Work «Petersburg and the Petersburg text of the Russian literature» (1984) became a result of the first researches. The next years the problematics of the local text, first of all, as new, undeveloped phenomenon in a science, became popular enough (to it V.V. Abasheva's researches about the Perm text are devoted; A.J.Sorochana about the text Tver; A.P.Ljusogo's works about Crimean and the Moscow texts, etc.).

Most relevantly for the given work concept of the local text entered in the thesis for a doctor's degree of V.V. Abasheva. The researcher believes, that « leave to that all riches and variety sign (text) reprezentatsy a locus to unite within the limits of special text unity, namely the local text [6]».

With reference to kimrskomu to edge cultural constants are allocated; they define base structure of the local text. After

A. L.Zhebrauskasom we use a word "constant" in it «qualitative value —“ the most significant "," sistemoobrazujushchee ”, instead of in literal —“ not passing "," invariable ”» [7].

In research heterostereotype displays (representations about other generality are accented; in our case of representation not kimrskih authors about Kimry) and an autostereotype (representation about the; in our case of representation kimrskih authors about Kimry) [8] in works of art. The heterostereotype is formed earlier. And by the moment of occurrence of the first certificates kimrjakov stereotypic representation about edge is already generated.

Considering set of interpretation and not settled conceptual device, and also orientation of the previous researchers mainly on scale loci (Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, Crimea, etc.), in the dissertation we specify definition of the local text: the Local text is a set of heterostereotypic and autostereotypic textual embodiments of the locus having not casual character, in which cultural constants of edge (or its personal perception), places reproducing an image are shown.

As theoretical base works of M.M.Bakhtin were used,

B. N.Toporova, P.Nora, B.M.Gasparov, V.V. Abasheva, JU.M.Lotman, A.J.Sorochana [9], etc.

V.N.Toporova, V.V. Abasheva, A.J.Sorochana's works, and also the theoretical works presented in collections «the Text became methodological base: semantics and structure» and «Russian province: a myth — the text — a reality» (M. of-SPb., 2000), etc. the technique bytopisatelej and the regional specialists working in kimrskom edge from the middle of XIX century (N.G.Lebedev, A.S.Stoljarova) was thus considered; the authors writing in the XX-th century (A.Z.Sukhanov, P.N.Oreshkina), and also contemporaries (V.I.Korkunova, V.P.Pokudina, etc.).

As the basic method of revealing «kimrskogo the text» we used historico-literary (it is connected with relative nerazrabotannostju — owing to novelty of a theme — nauchnoyometodologicheskogo the device and principles of revealing of local texts). Besides art texts, in work local biographies are considered also. It gives possibility more precisely to understand and analyse the products written in Kimry or connected with this place.

Scientific novelty. In research for the first time it is studied and described «kimrsky the text»; the local text of a small country town, the former village is in details considered. New definition of the local text that sees pertinent in formation nauchnoyometodologicheskih representations about the given problem Is offered. The analysis of the new local material connected with kimrskoj by culture, the literature and history is represented to scientifically productive us also.

Also new materials are presented to dissertations about a life and B.A.Akhmadullina, M.M.Bakhtin, O.E.Mandelshtama, S.I.Petrov, M.A.Rybakova, A.A.Fadeeva's creativity, specifications are brought in creative biographies of the named authors.

The practical importance of research consists in possibility of application of the received data in revealing and the description of the local text. Results of research can be used in high school and school courses on literary study of local lore, literature history, in special courses and spetsseminarah, devoted to a problematics of the local text.

The theoretical importance of research consists in expansion of scientific knowledge in the field of studying and the description of the local text and
Biographic materials, and also in scientific judgement «kimrskogo the text». The presented dissertation — the first similar research concentrated on a small locus that does its theoretical and methodological constructions essential to the subsequent scientific researches.

Texts (official documents, travelling notes, works of art, publicistic and autodocumentary certificates, historical and works of regional studies) the XVI-XXI-st centuries, connected with Kimry become object of research.

Subject of dissertational research — local «kimrsky the text».

The positions which are taken out on protection.

1. «The Kimrsky text» in the Russian literature — gradually formed unity for which autostereotype and heterostereotype interaction is characteristic. On a material of the texts created in Kimry and about Kimry, we can allocate the basic lines auto-and heterostereotypes in the local text.

2. Feature «kimrskogo the text» — gradual strengthening of base local constants, the most significant, sistemoobrazujushchih locus elements (a shoe craft, nearness to capital, a railway junction, etc.). In the literature of the XIX-XXI-st centuries we can find out, how these constants define formation of images Kimr and kimrjakov.

3. «The Kimrsky text» — a vivid example of the text provincial; opposition of two models is peculiar to it: Kimry — the centre of the world and Kimry — suburb. In texts of local authors to 2000th Kimry is presented by conditional "centre": «one of the best villages» (N.G.Lebedev), «is happy I only here» (O.V.Fedotova); the motive was outlined in texts of the newest time "okrainnosti": Kimry as small small town (J.G.Maksimenko, L.O.Starshinova, L.I.Kuljandrova). In a heterostereotype "opposition" it is defined by the initial purposes of the text: travellers see in settlement that «strongly developed, rich and representative village» (N.N.Lender) or «the shoe centre» (S.P.podjachev), capital of a wooden modernist style (M.B.Baru); "periphery" is more often described at casual visitings of village/city (T.Gote).

4. Many texts contain a stereotypic image of a country town; stereotypification principles are borrowed from a discourse of regional studies. Especially it is characteristic for the literature of the end of the XX-th century. Interaction of the literature and study of local lore on example Kimr is reduced to creation of some texts to which key historical events (the most representative example are conditionally presented: «pomyshlenija about Kimry» B.A.Akhmadullina) without actual distortions.

5. Biographies of the authors connected with kimrskim by edge, make very important element of the local text. It concerns as the writers connected with Kimry conditionally (Fadeev was born in a city, Akhmadullina here did not happen),
And the authors making «pride kimrskogo edges» (autostereotypes in this case are shown and in biography designing).

6. On the basis of the analysis and comparison «kimrskogo the text» with other types of the provincial text the specified definition is presented: the local text is a set of "external" and "internal" textual embodiments of a locus in which cultural constants of region are fixed.

Publications. The basic scientific results of the dissertation are reflected in 13 publications, four of them — in the editions reviewed VAK the Russian Federation, and also monographies.

Approbation. Substantive provisions and results of work were discussed at I Scientifically-practical conference «the Modern Russian literature: sources, prospects, parallels». Moscow. On October, 29th, 2011; I

The international scientific conference "Link of times" devoted 75 letiju from the date of birth of B.A.Akhmadullina. Moscow. On May, 28th, 2012; the International scientific conference «the Present as a plot». Tver. On May, 12th, 2013; open lecture at Ostankinsky institute of TV and broadcasting. On November, 20th, 2013

Structure and work volume. Dissertational research consists of the introduction, two heads, the conclusion, the list of the used literature including 280 names. The dissertation contains 240 pages, 1 appendix.

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A source: KORKUNOV VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVICH. the KIMRSKY LOCAL TEXT In the RUSSIAN LITERATURE. The dissertation author's abstract on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Phil.Sci. Tver - 2015. 2015


  8. a work General characteristic