The art prose about war makes the considerable case of products of the modern literature. In domestic nauchnoyoissledovatelskoj to practice there was a tradition to consider creativity of the writers united by this thematic version, as the uniform literary and art phenomenon with the general style characteristics, ways of the appeal to perceiving consciousness.

Along with definition «prose about war», in the scientific literature such terminological concepts as «military prose» and «battle prose».v the given dissertational research as base we use concept «military prose» since were fixed. It assumes attraction bolshego a corpus.

The characteristic "modern" with reference to military prose in research logikesootvetstvuet to chronological frameworks with 1980 for 2000th years. Accurate time borders of modern military prose are caused by its "attachment" to concrete historical events: to the "Afghani" and "Chechen" wars which have provoked an art reflexion of authors, devoted the creativity to these local wars.

The modern military prose does not become isolated exclusively on processes of art development of the events connected with Afghani and the Chechen wars.

For authors of a specified period svojstven interest and to historical realities of Great domestic war: G.N.Vladimov («the general and its army»); L.I.Borodin («the group Has left»); V.V. Bulls ("Icy cold", «Grow fond of me, the tell-tale», "Bog", «On marsh a stitch»); And. V.Gelasimov («Steppe gods»); And. V.Bojashov («the Tankman, or“ the White tiger ”»), etc.

The "Afghani" prose is presented in modern literary process by such products, as O.N.Ermakov ("christening", «Yellow mountain», «Safe returning», «the Afghani stories», «Last story about war», «Returning to Kandahar», «an animal Sign»); O.M.Blotsky ("Pajsa", "Murderer", «the Letter from the house», "Goddess", "Bahcha", «Last campaign», etc.); A.A.Prokhanov («the Kandahar outpost», «the Tree in the centre of Kabul», «the Dream about Kabul», "Palace", etc.); O.A.Handus («It was my best friend», «the Colonel always will be», «It was an angel», etc.);

E. V.Pustynin («the Afghan. The novel in 35 heads»); V.N.Nikolaev («ZHivyj in the help»); And. M.Afanasev («the Sapper who was mistaken»); With. M.Dyshev («the Lost platoon»). S.Anufriev and P.Peppershtejn «Mifogennaja love of castes», «to Sleep and trust A.Turgenev. The blockade novel».

The "Chechen" prose includes following prosaic products: A.A.Prokhanov («Going to nights","the Chechen blues»); And. V.Karasev («the Chechen stories»); V.S.Makanin («Caucasian
Captured "," Asan »); A.A.Babchenko (« Ten series about war "," Alhan-yurtas "," Vzletka "," the Mountain brigade "," the Argun-river », etc.); Z.Prilepin ("Pathology"); V.I.Degtev (« Dzhjaljab "," Dogs of war »); A.A.ShChelokov (« the Chechen break »), G.U.Sadulaev (« one swallow doesn't make a summer "," the Shalinsky flight "," Four apocryphal stories of the Chechen war »).

The general tendencies of development of a theme of war in products of both versions are connected with aspiration of authors to realise art strategy of following of the settled tradition or to transform them according to popular literature requirements.

In products of new prose about war it is embodied also crisis in consciousness of the society, expressed in system destruction tsennostnoyoideologicheskih bases. It dictates the general aspiration of authors of a modern military pose to make the protest against ideological stamps of thinking, attempt to develop own system of values, including aesthetic. The military subjects predetermine for founders of works of art character of searches of an exit from a critical historical situation, a way of self-determination of the reflexing hero for which war becomes a starting point in system of self-identification processes.

Building in the given research a paradigm of art strategy of authors of modern battle prose, we are guided by following scientific definitions of terminological concept «author's strategy». First of all we will refer to Antonichevoj M. JU's dissertational research «reality Borders in V.Nabokov's prose: Author's narrative strategy» in which the idea that author's strategy assume conscious and unconscious designing of narrative models [1] has been formulated.

Under the statement Palace N. P, author's strategy assume correlation of the author's strategy realised in the art text, and a literary and art context, tradition as a whole. [2] in S.A.Bajkovoj's work «Author's strategy Evg. popova 1970-1990-ч» [3] are considered and exposed to the research analysis of a position of American literary critic K.Berk («any product selects any strategy in relation to a situation»), M.Bregsa who, in turn refers
For Z.Deleza and F.Gvattari's works («author's strategy consists in an estimation and structurization of a situation of a literary life, and also in the subsequent reaction to it»). [4]

The researcher gives following definition of author's strategy: «We believe more proved an identification of author's strategy with strategy narrative and we define it as meaningly selected that or other artist narrative model with a special, individually-author's set of methods, that, plots, motives, images and involving in a narrative discourse of the author - the text - the reader» [5]. Being completely consolidated with the author of the resulted definition, we consider possible to introduce in it only small corrective amendments. First of all it is necessary to notice, that there are universal and individual author's strategy which correlate with each other in a context of literary tradition, and also in a context modern to authors of a literary situation.

The urgency of dissertational research is defined by attention strengthening in modern literary criticism to problems of scientific interpretation of the art text. Consideration of the given theme allows to build as much as possible objective paradigm of the scientific approach to studying of modern military prose.

Degree of study of a problem:

Despite regular interest of researchers to products of military prose, it is impossible to say that in a philological science the general principles and approaches to the analysis of the works of art making the case of military prose were generated.

In the field of studying of modern military prose the following research intentsii is allocated:

1. Studying of military prose from positions of its relation to tradition. So, in G.F.Hasanovoj's dissertational research [6] attempt to build typology of literary traditions in which context products of such authors as A.A.Ananev, V.P.Astafev, G.J.Baklanov, B.I.Balter are analyzed, JU is undertaken. V.Bondarev.

The special phenomenon as a part of the given direction is studying not only traditions, but also the processes connected with its transformation. In this plan dissertational research D is indicative. V.Aristov «Russian battle prose of 2000th years: traditions and transformations». The author of work marks, in particular, that «lines of poetics
Modern battle prose (documentation, avtobiografizm) are connected with a current of "new realism» [7].

2. Studying of military prose (in bolshej degrees it is a direction is claimed by researchers of "young" military prose) from various research positions: with the account of typological features of a plot, subjects of products, stylistics, ways of the appeal to a reader's audience, characteristics of the storyteller. All these and other approaches to studying of the astable, constantly developing phenomenon of "young" military prose are presented in N.S.Vygovskoj's dissertational research «Young military prose of second half of 1990 beginnings of 2000th years: names and tendencies» [8]. Similar approaches are declared in the L dissertation. M.Dovletkireevoj «Modern Chechen« military »prose: istorikoyokulturnyj a context, genre structure, poetics (1990 - 2010)» [9].

3. Research of modern military prose in a revealing context intertekstualnyh communications with texts of previous art tradition.

The analysis kontseptosfery modern military prose is presented, in particular, in V.B.Volkovoj's thesis for a doctor's degree [10]. The method intertekstualnogo the analysis of the art text is considered by the author as universal for the analysis of any art texts created within the limits of the modern popular literature.

Thus, the analysis of history of studying of a question shows, that it is impossible to speak with confidence about domination of certain scientific tradition in studying of military prose as special art phenomenon.

The reference to the analysis of author's strategy allows to develop the general methodological approaches to research of art prose about the war, considering not only actually author's intentsii, but also a reflexion of the reader.

Object izuchenijajavljajutsja sign art (and

Publicistic) products of modern writers about war.

Object of research-author's strategy of construction of the art text about war.

The purpose dissertational issledovanijasostoit in system studying and
The analysis of various author's strategy as mechanism of creation of a work of art with concrete subjects.

For object in view achievement it is necessary to solve following problems:

1. To consider the general system of author's strategy, characteristic for modern military prose as a whole

2. To reveal and analyse system of individual author's strategy

3. To reveal ways of the author's appeal to concrete aesthetic tradition

4. To build system of author's strategy with the account of processes of self-identification of the author in relation to a product problematics, historical event, ideology of war etc.

5. To analyse strategy of construction by modern writers of an art neomyth about war

Scientific novelty of research is caused by that in it the analysis of the general and individual author's strategy realised in the case of modern works of art about war for the first time is presented. In the dissertation the detailed analysis of formation of the author's strategy defining reader's perception of products about war for the first time is carried out. Sources of author's strategy are revealed, the role of an author's reflexion in processes formirovanijahudozhestvennyh strategy is shown. It also defines scientific novelty of the dissertational research presented to protection.

The methodological basis of work is caused by specificity of a subject of the dissertational research assuming synthesis of several approaches. In the dissertation the complex approach combining intertekstualnyj a method of research, and also istorikoyotipologichesky, rather-comparative, descriptive is applied. Use of various methods is defined by attempt of construction of system of the author's strategy localised in separate products and showing genetic relations with certain tradition, creative methods, a modern literary context.

Teoretiko-methodological basis of the dissertation

sostavljajutfundamentalnye works of domestic and foreign scientists on problems intertekstualnosti and author's strategy in the art text: M.M.Bakhtin, R.Bart, J.Kristevoj, JU. M.Lotman, etc.,

In the given research we leant also against V.B.Volkovoj, N.L.Lejdermana, M.N.Lipovetskogo, G.L.Nefaginoj, V.E.Halizeva's theoretical works, L. V.Chernets, And. P.Chudakova, etc.

Dissertational researches are included in teoretiko-methodological base of research on problems of studying of a military pose of last decades: D. V.Aristov, V.B.Volkovoj, N.S.Vygovskoj, I.J.Porublevoj, G.F.Hasanovoj, etc.

The substantive provisions which are taken out on protection:

1. Authors of modern military prose use the general and individual author's strategy in the art texts. To the general strategy are mindful comprehended intertekstualnye communications at appeal level of traditions of classical literary tradition as a whole, and also to tradition of is art-publicistic development of military subjects.

2. Art strategy of authors of modern military prose are constructed on intertekstualnyh communications with ideologically-aesthetic tradition of creativity of L.N.Tolstoy and V.M.Garshina, thus individual author's strategy can be co-ordinated with the general or resist to them, that does not cancel the general aspiration of authors to appeal to corresponding pretekstam.

3. Popular literature laws oblige authors of military prose to build the corresponding strategy providing reader's understanding and existence of the art text in modern it an aesthetic context.

4. «The majestic tradition» is case for a number of authors of modern military prose, which reprezentujut it in art texts as neomythological. Ideologemy «majestic tradition» are at the given authors components of the universal national idea taken as a principle hudozhestvennogoneomifa.

5. Appeal strategy to mythological, legendary and orally - to the poetic text urged to prove processes of self-identification of the author and the reader in relation to the represented military events.

The theoretical importance dissertatsiiobuslovlena that in it the theoretical base of concept author's strategy of construction of the art text on the basis of the theory intertekstualnosti is developed.

Practical value of work consists in possibility of use of supervision and the conclusions made during research, in high school teaching, in lectures and a practical training under the Russian literature of the XX-th century, in special courses, spetsseminarah, and also at the further studying of the questions connected with scientific judgement of creativity of modern writers.

Reliability of research is caused by that conclusions are received as a result of direct analytical work on art texts of authors of modern military prose by means of various methods of the analysis, first of all intertekstualnogo, staticized modern literaturovedcheskoj a science as the most objective and productive.

Work approbation. Substantive provisions of research and the received results are expressed in articles and performances at scientifically-practical conferences in 2007 - 2014: the International scientifically-practical conference «Russian and the literature in modern cultural, information and educational space» (Tver, 2007); the International scientifically-practical conference «the Role of the Tver Days
Slavic writing and culture in modern integration process and spiritual consolidation of the slavic people: experience and prospects »(Tver, 2008); the International scientifically-practical conference« Andrey Dementyev: the poet, the person, the public figure »(Tver, 2008); the International scientifically-practical conference« Anna Ahmatova and Nikolay Gumilev in a context of domestic culture »(Tver, 2009);

Materials and results of work are reflected in 7 publications. All results published in articles, are received by me personally. The same publications are used at a writing of dissertational work.

Work structure. The dissertation consists of the introduction, three heads, the conclusion and the list of the used literature including 211 names.

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A source: ZADONSKAYA Elena Vjacheslavovna. AUTHOR'S STRATEGY In MODERN MILITARY PROSE. The dissertation author's abstract on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Phil.Sci. Tver - 2017. 2017


  7. a work General characteristic