Has been spent by V.I.Pugachevym in March, 2013

Julia Kapitanova, the chief-editor of the newspaper the Komsomol truth in Nizhni Novgorod

Century P - Tell, please, about the concept of your publication: it refers to to what type of the press, what its format, periodicity of an exit, a problematics of materials, author's composition (quantity of regular and non-staff journalists), genre structure, the registration, it is passed round by what ways?


- The Komsomol truth is the newspaper of our city. Therefore the newspaper maintenance on subjects universal and various. We write about all appreciable problems and the phenomena, beginning from "sotsialki", politicians, finishing the criminal chronicle and secular news. For us it is very important to select the events most interesting to readers and to tell about them accessible language. We publish those news, which people is live discuss on kitchen, in public transport, at forums and in blogs. Our newspaper daily, it gets out in format А3. In the Nizhniy Novgorod edition six regular journalists work. Leading genres in printing "KP" is a reporting, interview, investigation. Difference of a web site from printing alternative - a genre "online news". Thus, despite agency of blogs, forums, the classical system of genres remains. Own correspondent "KP" in Sweden Natalia Grachev told, that in this country some time back in a press materials dominated small by volume, large papers however are now again popular. Though I can not judge with confidence, that the similar trend is tracked in Russia. It is important, that our journalists find every week exclusive materials.

Century P - whether Differs management of your publication by any specific lines (for example, there are posts which are not present in other newspapers/magazines of analogous type or function are distributed between employees differently, than in other publications)?

JU.K. - I do not know all nuances of the organisation of work in other Nizhniy Novgorod publications, therefore it is difficult to compare. I think if to draw analogies to other federal publications no basic differences are present. We submit to the Moscow management.

Century P - As your publication positions itself on the Internet? Whether there is at it own web site? Internet forums became a platform for discussion of many actual problems, accordingly, the auditory part refuses reading of the press in favour of Internet sources what the printing journalism is ready to oppose to it?

JU.K. - our Internet site which has appeared in 2005, on the first place in a rating of popularity of the Nizhniy Novgorod informational sites. There is a web editor who is responsible for filling up of a site. We constantly trace, what news the most demanded at visitors. As to social networks, forums, blogs it is an additional information source. Many topical news which are discussed on the Internet, it is necessary to publish and in the newspaper. Certainly, "KP" it is presented in various social networks.

Century P - As you will characterise the situation which has developed in Bottom novgorode / the Nizhniy Novgorod area in a niche of periodicals to which you refers to? What prospects of development of this type of publications?

JU.K. - our competitors are PRO the CITY, New business, "AiF", "MK", the City and townspeople and the Nizhniy Novgorod worker.

These newspapers also differ universality of subjects, their approach to information selection can be compared with ours. However any of these newspapers will not be compared with "KP" on ability to open this or that theme up to the end. For example, if we light any loud criminal event we will publish the whole series of materials, and from them the reporting from a court hall will be last. We should tell to the reader history "completely" and answer all questions which only can originate. Other newspapers cannot brag of such level of work. I will note, that I constantly read newspapers about which has told above, and on occasion competing publications lead us. Sometimes we lose sight of the important events and we do not publish materials which should get out. Such analysis gives food for reflexions. In the market of the regional press a specific situation. We write out some regional newspapers. Frequently their maintenance and registration leave much to be desired. However, as a rule, they have no strong contenders as mass-media in area are developed very poorly. Therefore people on a habit buy regional newspapers: the alternative source of local news at them is not present more often.

Century P - What measures accepts your publication for observance of norms of a professional etiquette of the journalist? In your opinion, whether with this problem other publications of analogous type successfully cope?

JU.K. - at "KP" there is own set of rules of work - so-called a red folder. Our credo - originality of materials. If the journalist has read any news in other newspaper or on the Internet, it should not copy anything. It is necessary most to go to the place of event, to have a talk with heroes, independently to write the text. Unfortunately, some Nizhniy Novgorod newspapers frequently neglect this rule.

For example, we noticed suspicious similarity of news on a newspaper site PRO the CITY with materials of our site. Probablly, we will try to take any measures.

Century P - whether you Support a return coupling with readers? Whether carry out researches of the auditory? Whether renders opinion of readers any agency on a problematics of materials?

JU.K. - on the one hand, we carry out various actions, return coupling possibility is on an Internet site. With another, some innovations have not gone right to us. For example, we counted to gain news from readers for disbursement as the newspaper PRO has made the CITY, however has not got out.

Century P - As you size up level of the press of Nizhni Novgorod and area in comparison with the federal? In what see its advantages and deficiencies? What it is possible to change to the best?

JU.K. - the Nizhniy Novgorod press in comparison with federal looks was palely. Though there are separate bright journalists. As always the problem of shots is actual. Many graduates of high schools who come to work to us, do not answer high criteria. They dream of glory and count that it will get to them easily. However journalists "KP" should be able not only well write but also photograph, do audio-and videorecordings, and it is desirable and to own skills of video-tape editing, thus to do all operatively. KP - one of the first newspapers who has injected a post of the multimedia journalist. Demands to employees very strict, but ever less candidates answer them. One more problem - falling of circulations, especially subscriptions. New channels of extending of the newspaper at retail are not present, in supermarkets"fatty"is on sale only. And after all the basic part of circulation of the newspaper is at retail realised. There are only separate cities where subscribers"KP"traditionally make the bulk of readers, - Samara, Volgograd. Probablly, forecasts that the press in printing will die in five-seven years, are fair. Angazhirovannost many newspapers also interferes with journalism development. We know, who proprietors of those or other printing publications, in whose address on their pages never will appear criticism. However"KP"would like to co-operate more closely with public authorities, naturally, on the legal bases. Representations "КП" in a number of other regions could conclude such contracts and gain the considerable income. In Nizhni Novgorod, unfortunately, it yet it was not possible to us. A concurence in the press market very serious. Especially difficult in such situation to work to local newspapers which do not possess powerful financing. But such are market laws - the strongest will survive.

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A source: Pugachev Vadim Igorevich. DYNAMIC LOUDSPEAKER of the TYPOLOGY of the NIZHNIY NOVGOROD PRESS (1991-2013). 2014


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