1. konstruktivnoyotehnologicheskih parametres of a dynamic separator with dezagregirujushchim the device in a sort mnogozahodnyh tapes, including expression the engineering design procedure of the basic is developed for definition of efficiency of process dezagregatsii in a separator.

2. Device introduction in a sort mnogozahodnyh tapes on dynamic separator CSA 6 for manufacture of a ground chalk in Open Society Shebekinsky cretaceous mill, has led to increase of productivity and efficiency of process dezagregatsii a dynamic separator on 5,14 % and 15,4 % accordingly, to reduction of sieve residue R0045до of 0,3 %.

3. Industrial trials confirm all basic theoretical conclusions of work and will be co-ordinated with results of experimental researches.

4. As a result of application dezagregirujushchego devices on Open Society Shebekinsky cretaceous mill economic efficiency has made 473 thousand rbl., an index of profitableness 1,68, a time of recovery of outlay 0,52 years.

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A source: Trofimchenko Vladimir Nikolaevich. PERFECTION of PROCESS DEZAGREGATSII of PARTICLES of the MATERIAL In the DYNAMIC SEPARATOR With the DEVICE In the form of mnogozahodnyh TAPES. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Tech.Sci. Belgorod - 2017. 2017

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