the Technique of definition of a surface tension for the aggregated particles

For surface tension definition on border the assembly unit - the liquid (σ5 κ _) is collected installation (drawing 3.13), described in work [42, 43] where as a vessel with a material the glass tube of GOST 29227-91 2 КЛ0 was used.

For experiment carrying out in a glass tube with the filter it is backfilled the certain fraction of assembly units selected from the private residue on a surface sit with square cells of GOST 6613-86. In experiment fractions +80 microns were used.-125 a micron; +125 microns.-200 a micron; +200 microns.-315 a micron; +315 microns.-630 a micron.

Drawing 3.13. Installation for definition of level of ascending gradient of a liquid

1 - a glass tube; 2 - a stillage; 3 - glass capacity.

The sample taking for this experiment was carried out according to a technique used in work. The mass naveski (0,1 kg) was defined by means of laboratory scales VLE - 1100 4th classes of accuracy. The glass cylinder in diameter 140-10-3м with the distilled water was established under the glass tube fixed in a stillage. The tube with a material fell, that the filter on

The tube end has plunged into water, and the material was in direct contact to a water surface. Maintained in this position (at contact of a material to a water surface) within 3 hours. The water lifting height on a material was measured by a ruler. Where the surface tension paid off as:

Where Rk - capillary pressure; r  - capillary radius.

Capillary pressure depended on a lifting height hдистиллированной inputs and was defined by following simple expression:

Where - density of the distilled water; - acceleration of free falling;

- Liquid lifting height on a material. Capillary radius rвычислялся under the formula (3.3) where - average diameter of a material of investigated fraction.


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A source: Trofimchenko Vladimir Nikolaevich. PERFECTION of PROCESS DEZAGREGATSII of PARTICLES of the MATERIAL In the DYNAMIC SEPARATOR With the DEVICE In the form of mnogozahodnyh TAPES. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Tech.Sci. Belgorod - 2017. 2017

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