development of genitals depending on age and live weight (on G.A.Tutarevu)



To copulation


Live weight at copulation


Development of genitals mnogoployodie (goals)
Gross weight in () Length royogov uteruses (sm) Number ovuliyorujushchih folliyokulov to the general

To their number (%)

6-7 83,6 126 50 4,0 6,6
7-8 91,6 190 63 16,6 8,3
8-9 100,6 465 87 20,0 8,3
9-10 107,6 550 103 28,5 10,6

By low live mass at copulation (to 100 kg), are weakly developed milk zheleyozy, as defines in further their low milk efficiency.

The carried out analysis of the received results has shown, that epidemic parotitises, sluyochennye in 9-10-месячном age, had higher indicators of live weight, development of genitals. So, for example at this age of epidemic parotitis had larger number ovulirovavshih follicles in comparison with 6 - 7 monthly age of copulation. Also the augmentation of a multiple pregnancy of animals, which sluchali at the age of 9-10 months was observed.

L.N.Tokarev (1975), V.F.Kovalenko, etc., (1986) consider, that svinoyomatki, sluchennye in 9 - 10-month's age, are prepared enough for normal fructification and feeding of pigs. On the basis proveyodennyh by them of researches it has been established, that the best oplodotvorjaemost is registered at appointment of sows in the first copulation to odinnayodtsatimesjachnogo age. The smaller quantity maloyoplodnyh a dung counting on one uterus whereas at uteruses, sluchennyh at the age of 11-12 months, this indicator was authentically above was thus observed.

From the above-stated it is possible to draw a conclusion, that the age and live mass at the first covering makes essential impact on efficiency pervooporosok and on feeding quality of posterity.

One of the reasons of small number of a dung of pigs are vnutriutyorobnye losses and mertvorozhdennost in which basis lay genetic, functional, alimentary, mechanical factors are more rare.

According to a number of authors (prokoptsev, Century M, 1981; Levin, K.L., 1986; Betse, I, 1989; Comen, G.W., 1991), an embryonal mortality at pigs soyostavljaet 20-50 %.

Before N.A.Martynenko (1971) noticed, that it is bound with nepolnotsenyonostju gametes, with impreparation of a uterus to perception or it nesposobnoyostju to provide vynashivanie germs.

Morfofiziologichesky features of organs of reproduction of animals cause maturing possibility in a sexual cycle to 30 and ovulirova - nija till 16-20 follicles (Grudev, D.I., 1976). However in their practice bioloyogicheskuju fruitfulness use only on 60-76 % (Malinkin, N.P., 1994).

Thus, in modern conditions of development svinovodstva, vazhyonejshee the place is taken away to the decision of the scientifically-practical questions bound to revealing and possibilities of use of patterns razmnozheyonija of pigs.

In V.A.Kokorev's experiences (1990) it is established, that the total of foetal waters at sows in the beginning suporosnosti has made 672 ml, with uveliyocheniem a duration of gestation their quantity is quickly enlarged and by 80-day reaches 3559 ml, then decreases and by 106-day 1489 ml are equaled. otmechayoetsja also, that level of an amnionic liquid quickly raises in per - vuju half suporosnosti and reaches 2484 ml, in the end of pregnancy sniyozhaetsja to 1260 ml.

V.A.Karpova's data (1990) testify, that the quantity zhidkoyosti is enlarged to the fructification middle, and then decreases and to konyotsu makes - 40-175 ml.


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A source: Struchkova Tatyana Anatolevna. MORPHOFUNCTIONAL CHANGES OF THE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS OF PIGS AND THEIR REPRODUCTIVITY ABOUT GRAIN FILLING. Thesis for the degree of candidate of biological sciences. ORENBURG - 2007. 2007

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