the scheme of scientifically-economic experience

Group Quantity


Duration perioyoda, days Character kormleyonija (types of sterns -




The basic
The control 40 30 210 OR (the basic rayotsion)
I skilled 40 30 210 OR (Ю%концкорм

ov on pitatelnoyosti are replaced on


II skilled 40 30 210 OR (JU silo %

Corn on

Nutritiousness zayomeneny on zernoyosenazh)




Fig. 1. The scheme scientifically - economic experience

Rations for experimental young growth have been balanced on osnovyonym to nutrients agree the existing detailed norms (Kalashnikov, A.P., Etc., 1985). The basic difference between groups was as a part of rations. So, experimental epidemic parotitises of the first and second skilled groups received as a part of the basic ration accordingly 10 % zernosenayozha instead of kontskormov and 10 % zernosenazha instead of a corn silo (on the general nutritiousness).

During all experience of epidemic parotitis contained in identical conditions groups in separate cells where their feeding and poenie was carried out. Feeding was made by three times a day. poedaemost forages defined monthly in two interfacing days successively, weighing of set forages and in a day their rests.

Physiological condition of experimental animals defined on gemayotologicheskim to indicators. At the age of 4, 7 and 10 months, at ten epidemic parotitises from each group of an aural vein blood undertook. In blood serum defined the maintenance eritrotsitiv, leucocytes, haemoglobin on standard in geyomatologii to methods (Karput, to IT., 1986; Simonjan, A, Hisamutdinov, F.F., 1995; Bespjatnyh, Island JU, 2005). Biochemical researches spent in in a complex-analytical laboratory VnIiMsa and included opyoredelenie maintenances of the general fiber in blood serum refraktometricheyoskim a method (Kondrahin, I.P. And dr, 1985), fiber fractions - nefelometri - cheskim a method, the maintenance of the general calcium - kompleksnometricheskim meyotodom on Vichevu and Karakashevu, inorganic phosphorus - vanadat - a molybdenic reactant on Pulsu in V.F.Koromyslova, L.A.Kudrjavtsevoj's updating.

Capture, blood preparation spent by the standard techniques.

The control over growth and development of animals carried out by ezhemeyosjachnogo weighings. Settlement by under S.Brodi's formula defined abyosoljutnyj and daily average prirosty live mass.

For definition of dependence of dynamics of development of the sexual apparatus from

Structure of a ration of epidemic parotitises made control slaughter of animals with posleyodujushchim carrying out of a morphometry by mass and length measurement reprodukyotivnyh organs. Slaughter spent in 4, and in 7 and, 10-month's, to a stage vozbuyozhdenija, on 5 epidemic parotitises from each group.

In a puberal condition (at the age of 10 months) on 10 epidemic parotitises from kazhyodoj groups were slucheny with one male pig of the same breed, and from them was poyolucheno posterity.

For an estimation of a condition of reproductive function experimental zhiyovotnyh inseminations, the general oplodotvorjaemost, a current of sorts, the postnatal period, fruitfulness considered age of puberty, oplodotvorjaemost from peryovogo.

Researches provided the control over a condition of pigs, within first two months of their life. Newborn animals vzveshiyovali, watched for an exit of pigs to otemu, prirostami live mass, zaboleyovaemostju and a case.

Economic efficiency of spent actions carried out by I.N.Nikitin's technique (2004).

Statistical processing of the received data spent by means of a package of applied programs Statgraf.


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A source: Struchkova Tatyana Anatolevna. MORPHOFUNCTIONAL CHANGES OF THE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS OF PIGS AND THEIR REPRODUCTIVITY ABOUT GRAIN FILLING. Thesis for the degree of candidate of biological sciences. ORENBURG - 2007. 2007

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